Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tortoise This

Did you ever notice that some days seem to have a theme to them? 

Today's theme in my life was that everyone was moving in S L O W  M O T I O N.  I'm talking snail's pace.  Tortoise and the Hare slow.  Slow and steady.  REAL slow and steady.

It started with me waking up slowly.  I then realized I had forgotten some papers that I needed to take to our Columbia office.  (thanks Steven for going to get it for me!)

Driving to Columbia was slow.   Sure, I was driving at a fast clip, but it seemed to take forever and ever. 

Our computers at work were slow.

On the way home, ALL other cars were going slow.  All the slowpokes were driving in the fast lane today.  I am not a tailgater, but sure was tempted to today.  I got stuck behind big trucks, people talking on cell phones (can't wait for THAT to be outlawed!) and oversize loads.

I decided to stop and buy new pj's today and, you guessed it, I was in the slow line.  I was behind the woman who was buying items AND paying her credit card bill.  By check.  I was also behind the woman who just knew she had a coupon somewhere in her purse.  I finally was able to complete my transaction and got stuck behind her, AGAIN, as we exited the store.  Step.  Step. Step.  SLOW steps.  Puuuuuussssh open the door so slowly.

I know I live in the South, and our pace is slower, but this was getting ridiculous. I truly understand that patience is a virtue, but I am only human!!  And, I am all about stopping and smelling the roses, but can we move a little quicker to get TO the rose garden?

So, finally back at home, and what happens?  The night is flying by!  No fair, I say!   Ach!


mel said...

You are so very funny and I adore you.

sherri s. said...

Talk about slow...I just came back from visiting my mom, who lives in a retirement community in Sun City, a retirement TOWN! Mostly they're all sweet and I don't mind that they move a bit more slowly, but the golf carts being driven on city streets is just too much for me. Argh!

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