Sunday, October 9, 2011

Borrowed Content

It's Sunday afternoon, and I can't think of anything creative.  So, I'm borrowing from my blogging buddy, Angie for today's content.

Wondering---what happened to that little baby in Kansas City.  And why Celine Dion's neck is so darn long. 

Thinking -- about my boss and his wife.  She is not well.  I feel for both of them and pray that this week will bring them both some relief.  And, since I stole this idea, oops, borrowed, from Angie, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Nick.  Angie, I'm thinking of, and praying, for him.

Needing -- to really get on track with a food diary and eating more healthy.  BLECH.  This title should read, "hating."

Reading -- well, I'm listening, to, "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton.  If you love epic novels, this is one for you.  And, if you get the audio version, it's like having the female Crocodile Dundee read it to you.

Stealing -- Um, well, I've already admitted to stealing this from Angie.  Besides that, I stole that lady's idea of giving water to the homeless/out of work person.  I had it all ready, and the dude wasn't there.  Go figure.

Clapping -- for the St. Louis Cardinals advancing to the NLCS.  And for Addison Grace being christened.  And for that yummy sushi I had on Friday.

Hoping -- for this gorgeous weather to continue.  Are you having this lovely autumnal weather?  I still wish it would be a little cooler, but I'm not going to complain.  Much.

Counting -- down the days until it's mountain time again.  73.

Missing -- Jake, The Big C, All My Children, my 30s.

And thanking my lucky stars for all the good in my life.  And, that includes Y O U.


Grandma K said...

I'm missing The Bic C and All My Children also!

Our weather was glorious yesterday. RAIN AND MORE RAIN!! We had well over an inch (of course I never hurried to put the new rain gauge together - so I don't know how much - figures, doesn't it).

Darla said...

I read "The Forgotten Garden" when we were at Jekyll last Summer...loved it! It is definitely one to pass to a friend. :)

Sherri said...

Awww, thank YOU for bringing some way cool JuJu-ness into our lives! And yes, perfect fall weather here (also a little warm, but no complaints!)

Sherri said...

Where's Tallulah's pic?!

Forgot my word, too!

word: noncedi

Vidi, veni, noncedi: I came, I saw, I said "no nonsense."

sherri s. said...

Trying again to get Tallulah to show up! Not trying to hog the comments!!! Computer madness here!

angie128 said...

You know i stole the idea too - from Busy Mom.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Nick and now for his family.