Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tales of 48

Yum Yum Roll, Godzilla Roll and Sam Rittenberg Roll

Crazy Hats for the Hot Tub

The annual dog-a-day calendar

Steak, Crab Legs and French Fries

Pumpkin Pie Candle

Tickets to a Show, Note Cards, Candy and a Vase

Lunch with Daughter

Pillow with a ten year guarantee

Angry Pasta! made by Husband

Do Nothing Sunday

Mellow Mushroom Gift Card

Cards from Friends and Family

Phone Calls and Texts

Too many Facebook messages to count

More to come on Thursday

Completely spoiled by all of this on year 48.

Twas a very happy birthday.


Sherri said...

Happy happy happy! 48 ain't so bad--I've been here since March! Sounds like a most excellent day filled with love and laughter!

(where is my Tallulah avatar?! I'm most concerned!)

word: wingem

If you can't beat 'em, wingem?

angie128 said...


I think you are awesome.

And, how neat is this --

my little word down there is "UKOOL"

Get it? U Kool? YOU ARE COOL JUJU!

Hope you continue to have a happy birthday week!

Grandma K said...

Happy, happy birthday kid!

mel said...

Are you enjoying your 48th year? Thanks for all the blessings you bring to us! O happy happy day when JuJu was born!