Thursday, October 27, 2011

Written While Being Tortured

I am writing this to you from Boredomville.  Our computers are down at work.  Our phones are down at work.  They’ve been down since yesterday afternoon.  An underground cable was cut, and now we have no connection to the outside world.  We’re not even connected to the inside world.  No internet.  No way to do all this work.  Finger tap, finger tap, finger tap.

I’ve played 47 games of Solitaire.  (Won only two) I’ve played 10 hands of hearts.  I even tried to play, “Purple Palace.”  That one stressed me out. You have to make cakes and it ends up being like an “I Love Lucy” episode.  No thanks.  I don’t need that stress in my games.  The Queen of Spades is bad enough!

Let’s talk random junk: 

Go Cards!  (I really hope they win tonight and push it to Game 7.  And, of course, win Game 7 please)

No Halloween parties for me this year.  What is your most favorite costume of all time? I think I really enjoyed the year I was a gypsy.  I had a lovely black wig and wore a lot of mom’s jewelry.  Those were the days.

Why are slutty costumes so “in?”

Remember when the only color that highlighters came in was yellow?  Now, they come in all colors.  I still prefer the yellow.  You can call me old school.

I love the McRib.

Favorite Halloween Candy?  I love those little paks of Sweet Tarts.    And Smarties.  And Butterfingers.  And Baby Ruth.

Icky Halloween Candy: Those individually wrapped orange and black things.  They’re some kind of chewy peanut buttery thing?  Oh, and circus peanuts. Keep ‘em to yourself please.

I love Elmo, Grover and Bert.  However, Oscar, Ernie and Big Bird get on my nerves.

Only 63 days left until the mountains.

I had to add 34 and 29 on my calculator get that total.

Did I mention I do a lot of accounting in my job?

I haven’t seen my homeless man since I tossed/threw him the bottle of water.  I hope one doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

If Anya wins Project Runway, I may have to stop watching the show.

I A M S O B O R E D T H A T I A M W R I T I N G A S E N T E N C E L I K E T H I S B E C A U S E I T T A K E S L O N G E R.  S E E Y A L A T E R A L L I G A T O R.

***There is a happy ending to this story.  We are back up and in the midst of the world again.  Ahhh.***


Colleen said...

Glad to see that your systems came back up. Just in time to almost go home!

KB said...

I also love the McRib, and I don't understand why more people don't. Had one today, as a matter of fact. Yum!

Grandma K said...

Oh - do I ever agree with the statement about Anya. I was so mad she was included in the runway show to begin with, now, well ... Let's just say - again we have the same thought.

Hummmmmm - Butterfingers!