Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Fashioned Boo

As you may or may not know, I love to find old vintage cards on the holidays, and for lack of a better term, make fun of them.  First off, I enjoy looking at these old cards and thinking about people sending them to friends and loved ones.  I like seeing what was popular in times gone by---  ( without a doubt?  BIG pumpkin heads), but most of all, I like to see just how weird those cards can be.

So, I begin my usual pre-holiday perusing.  (thank you Google)  I found many oddball cards, filled with ugly children, scary moons and the big headed pumpkins.  But, then I started noticing something even creepier.  And, thus, I present to you this year's version of Halloween Holiday Pictures. 

I'm starting off easy folks.  I mean, I do want you to keep reading.  
I am guessing these folks all, literally, found something from their drawers to use for a costume.  (the exception might be the guy on the back row, not sure he had that on hand.)
Fairly creepy free, right?  Cute dog and they look like they're all having a good time.

This one is starting to move into the "gives you the willies" zone---
Especially dude on the right.  Hey, I'm seeing a trend here.
They're putting the creepy dudes on the end.
Why is it that children from this era just look haunted?


Okay, now I'm freaked out.  Kid on the right was surely in the movie, "The Shining"
The combination of innocence and creepy is going to give me some freaky nightmares tonight.  
And those suspenders are pushing it over the edge.  Pigs and suspenders.

Person on the right = Freakiest of the Bunch.
Although, all four of these are pretty darn weird.
Mustache Kid and two big breasted somethings.  
Just what ARE they?

Shiver running up and down my spine.


Grandma K said...

How did you find my album?? LOL! Those are great.

sherri s. said...

I love these posts of yours. Spooky and creepy! And really, what IS up with some of those get-ups? I don't get it! No one I know ever dressed up like that.

The third photo down looks like a photo by Helen Levitt, who took tons of photos of weird kids in masks (I love her photos, really odd). Also google "Ralph Eugene Meatyard" (his real name! He was an optician in Lexington, KY, my hometown!)--super-weird photos of kids/people in masks. Nighmares!

word: scarna
My kneena has a scarna on it from a bikena accindent on gravelna.

mel said...

Bless you, JuJu! These always make me laugh out loud!