Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Birth of a Nickname?

Steven told me the other day that he wants a cool nickname for the purpose of this blog.  He has a nickname within his family and mine (Uncle Bro), but I’m afraid that would sound weird if I mentioned romantic nights with Uncle Bro. 

He wants something good like PW’s “Marlboro Man,” or Angie’s “Captain.”Both of those are nice solid names.  The trouble is trying to come up with something that fits AND something that he will like.

I’m making a list of things that stand out to me, about him:

        Onion Hater
        Tomato Hater
        Ketchup Lover
        Football Fanatic (English Football)
        Loves animals more than humans 
        Excellent taste in music
        Chess Player

(That’s just a small list by the way—)

The name also needs to be easy for me to type, since he pops up in my blogs quite often.  I don’t want anything like XXq40mm.   (Although, that is a really cool name)   The name must be simple, strong and to the point.  (I’m trying SO hard here NOT to say, “just like him.”  Sorry Dear!!)

 I have something in mind, but I’m holding out for something better, hoping my creative juices kick in and come up with something worthy for the love of my life.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions you might want to share???


KB said...

I don't know anything about chess or your husband, but maybe The Knight? Or how about your Check Mate?

Colleen said...

How about The Hubster?

angie128 said...

I like KB and Colleen's suggestions.

Wait until I tell the Captain that he got a shout out on your blog!

Also, Captain is also his job - his rank at work. So it kind of just happened that way.

mel said...

Maybe it doesn't sound so good but it kind of fits him because he is so down to earth...Here is what popped into my mind: Scrum. As in their football, right?

Hi, Steven!

Sherri said...

Senor Amor? (Mr. Love)...

sherri s. said...

That was me above, but no Tallulah pic--not signed into our overlord, Google, apparently (I kid, Google, I kid!).

(My words are: "abilify" and "warti"!)

unclebro said...

Mel, a scrum is in rugby.....duh!

mel said...

Ahahaha! Well, what's the difference?

PS - No,that was not rhetorical. And, yes, I am an American, possibly an ugly one...hahahahahaha.

Didn't you like Scrum? Cool and manly, I think.

In an attempt to redeem myself, I shall offer Manny, short for Manchester United.