Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Block Party

Happy Monday!   [oxymoron]

Did everyone celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style?  Or, did you get pinched for not wearing any green?  Sir Steven was anti green this year.  I forgot to pinch him.  I'll have to take care of that tonight.

Every year, a local Irish Pub puts on a block party, complete with bands, food, BEER, a mechanical bull (because that's so Irish), a dinky little parade, and fun for all ages!  This pub happens to be on the same block where Taylor's apartment is.   We invited some of our friends to meet up near her place, so we could use her potty without having to stand in line.  I tell ya, I'm always thinking.

Big Turkey Legs are an Irish Tradition?

This year was bigger and better.  The party actually encompassed two blocks!  There were two stages, food trucks, jump castles, slides, beer stands, and all the restaurants were open and serving food.  Green was everywhere!! 

I take that back.  Sir Steven is noticeable in his RED.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was trying to be noticed.  The goofball in the front is our friend, Mike.  He also likes to be noticed.  

It was March 17, and yet it was sunny and hot!  In case you don't believe me, check out the redness of my cheeks.    This is my pregnant friend, Mary, with her nuts.  Speaking of nuts, don't pay attention to the nut in the tree.

There were tons of cute babies and cute dogs roaming the party.  Well, these two weren't really roaming, but there were enjoying all the people watching.  And, oh, there was plenty of people watching.  Sunny weather + beer = all sorts of things to observe.

Here's proof of that equation:

This is Larry in the bush.  Could this be considered the,"wearing of the green???"


Colleen said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Excellent planning on the location too! You must have a bathroom near by especially when there is beer involved.

sherri s. said...

Y'all go to so many fun things! Tip o' the green hat to you!