Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Eve

 Here we are again, it's time for another holiday and holiday cards.  Let's spice it up a bit.  How about we combine a good old Irish holiday with some Japanese Haiku?  Not very many blogs will be doing that now, will they?  Let's drive right in!

Blarney Stone They Climb
Even though it's really short
They seem to need rope?

 WOW, look at these two.
They were hit with ugly stick.
A couple of times.

 Speaking of ugly-
Large headed women scare me.
The bird smokes a pipe.

Man has loads of money.
Found it under the rainbow?
One Rich Leprechaun.

Dirigible flies
With unsuspecting Irish
One word:  Hindenburg


sherri s. said...

Oh, Lady JuJu--

You just made me spew coffee hilarious! Especially the last should publish these! Really, you should!

mel said...

You know these are my favs! So glad they are regulars.....can't wait until Easter!

Grandma K said...

Ok - being of limited knowledge about computers and all - where did you find this template?

I haven't been able to comment until I figured out how to re-skin the blog!!!

JuJu said...

This is a blogger template. Is it too confusing to use? I enjoy the clean look of it, but certainly don't want to drive anyone away for it being difficult. Oh man, is my blog, "difficult??"