Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tuesday Routine

Every Tuesday we follow the same lunch routine.

Sir Steven, Larry, and I leave the office at 11:30 and head to Kicking Chicken.  Larry holds the door for Lady Ju.  If Larry keeps up this behavior (which he has done for a long time now) he might just get knighted!

I sit in the back seat as we travel to KC.  I'm okay with this.  For one, I feel like I'm being chauffeured.   Second, I don't have to turn my neck around,  like a gawking chicken, to make conversation.  I sit in the back seat and enjoy whatever music of the day we listen to.  Today was Real Jazz.

Since we go there weekly, the folks that work there know us.  We think we're famous. ( I'm betting it's more like infamous.)  We don't use menus.

We have our favorite waitress, Kelly.  She knows our order (since we order the same thing 99% of the time) and we know about her kitten.  She turned 21 in July.  She and her boyfriend are Man United fans, so we always have something to talk about.  And the best part?  She doesn't take any crap from SS.

Most days, it's just Sir, Larry and me for lunch.  And most days, Steven sits by me, and Larry sits across from us.  It works for us.

Today, both the boys sat across from me:

We had a special guest for lunch today.  Fresh from the desert somewhere in the Middle East, the returning hero:

Welcome back Mikey Mike.  Don't sit next to me ever again.

Larry and I always enjoy unsweet tea, and Steven gets Coke.  I tell you this, because most of the wait staff at KC know our order ; and not just our drink order, our food order.   It's a little embarrassing, as all I can figure is they have our photos posted somewhere in the kitchen, with the words, "difficult" to describe us.


I get the Chicken Salad Plate.  Larry gets the chicken fingers with Gangsta Sauce.  How yummy does this look?  Oh, and their fries?  Really really good.  And that blur in the left hand corner would be Mike's finger trying to ruin my picture.  Thus why he never is allowed to sit next to me.

Steven gets the Parmesan Ranch burger, medium, no tomato, no onion, lettuce only, bacon on the side and absolutely, positively NO PICKLE!  The man hates pickles.  Pickles are B A D.  But, oh, the food is G O O D.

Now, every Tuesday, at 11:30 am, you can know exactly what I'm doing, and exactly what I'm eating.  Your life should feel a little more complete now.


Mary said...

Ju, this made me giggle (as your posts often do). I wish I could come join the Tuesday lunch dates!

angie128 said...

I wanna go...

Lap Dog Knits said...

Now I'm hungry....your lunch hour is definitely more interesting than mine.
How are their table manners? Chew with mouths open? Napkins in the lap?
Since this is a weekly trip..they must pass the "seen in public" approval.

The bottle tree - you should have one, I had one for about 1 1/2 years...
the bottles...
I drank them all...to get through a very difficult period of time...
when the "difficult" past...I cut down the tree..
I'll post about that on June 1st..
we'll be celebrating on that day...

you should make one...they're pretty...and maybe you'll have someone ask
"why are you putting trash on the tree?"..like my grown daughter did....

mel said...

Somewhere in my life I took a wrong turn...You have time once a week to go out to lunch with friends....on a work day. Jiminy Crickets, I am way too serious for my own good.

Do they have veggie burgers?

sherri s. said...

First of all, the name of the restaurant is fab--even though I'm a vegetarian and I ADORE chickens, it's great. AND you have a male harem? Wow.

Hate the new word verification--it take me at least 2 times to get it right, dang it!

KellyB said...

I know this comment is a little late...but in the process of moving I have found the piece of paper with the website on it. I would have asked you for it again but I was too embarrassed! ( embarrassed to admit that I couldn't find the piece of paper/& embarrassed that I couldn't find it on my iPhone) (I am technologically retarded)
Now I would just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog... ;)
Ps. I look Redic in this photo. We will have to do a retake when you decide to write about your lunchcapades again!