Thursday, March 8, 2012

Date Night/Downton Abbey Night

Yay, it's almost Friday!

If you stopped by here yesterday, you saw a few pictures of Downton Abbey, PBS' new smash hit in the Masterpiece Series.  I had heard of this series from a good friend, and read great things on the show.  I finally caved and bought the Season One DVD.  Before I was finished with that one, I had purchased Season Two. 

I have nursed these DVDs like young pups.  My normal inclination would be to watch them all as quickly as possible.  But, I don't want this good thing to end.  I have two episodes remaining of Season Two, and then we'll have to wait until Season Three to air.  I have forced myself to turn off the TV so as to make this pleasure last as long as humanly possible.

But, tomorrow night will be the last showing.  We will watch the last two episodes, and the special features.  I will then sigh and pout and wonder how long before I find out what will happen to my friends.  I'm not patient and I'm not good at waiting.  This addiction replaced my loss of "All My Children," and now I feel like I'm losing my friends all over again.

So, tomorrow will be Downton Abbey/Date Night.  I've told Steven it will be a special evening.  We'll have a nice dinner and then enjoy the show.  Heck, I might even dress for dinner, as they do on the show.  Hm.  Where DID I put my corset?


UPDATE:  In honor of Steven's English heritage and my love for DA, I've fallen into a nickname for him:  Sir Steven.  At times, I might shorten it to Sir, or even SS.  But, there you have it.  Sir Steven and Lady JuJu, and the tales from Bronwen Court.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help! 


angie128 said...

Oh yes! Sir Steven and Lady JuJu!

Karen said...

I am going to watch that show. Everyone raves about it. Grumpy G probably won't like it, so I will find myself in the bedroom or the sewing room to watch!

By the way, this is Karen (Grandma K). It is using my other blog address!

sherri s. said...

Loves the Downton Abbey (so many people mistype it as Downtown Abbey, which I love: "Yo, Lady Mary, whassup?").

Have a good weekend, Lady JuJu!

Hate. New. Double. Words.

JuJu said...

Grandma K--I think G might like it. Sir Steven watches it with me! Tell him the adele gal said to give it a whirl!!

mel said...

Oh, that is perfect! Sir Steven and Lady JuJu of Bronwen Court - perfect!