Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday on the Couch

I switched back to the simple template.  I hope this makes it easier for everyone, me included!

I took the day off work today.  I was hoping to go to the beach, go to a movie, or just do some shopping with SS.

Only one of those things happened.  Let me show you my normal state of being:

Notice the sassy hand on hip, the big smile on my face, and my very stylish dress.

Well, at some point this week, little monsters went into my back and now I look like this:

I went to the doctor yesterday and he mumbled words about hip placement, spasms and all that crap.
Some day off.  I've moaned, groaned and been an unbelievable mess.  No beach.  No movie being shown that I want to watch.   I tried to shop, but that was just too much.  So, now I'm on the couch.  With wine.  [I just realized those things that are supposed to be lightning bolts look like I might be gassy?]


UPDATE!  Last week  (prior to back pain) Sir and I went to dinner.  On the way home, we saw a young man with a sign asking for money or food.  We gave him the Hobo Bag.  At first, he looked at us like we were insane.   (What in the world are these nincompoops handing to me???)  Then, I think it dawned on him and he was very thankful and filled with blessings for us.  I'm sure he wondered why there were gloves in there on an 80 degree day...  But, FINALLY, I was able to give it away.  More items have been purchased and I'm ready for the next giveaway.

And let me leave you with this one.  We've hired a new employee, and he is the epitome of OCD.  (have no fear, he admits this, and knows we all know)  I give you a concrete example:

He numbers his socks so that he wears the same pair together all the time.  Ahem.

I'm just happy if I have two clean socks!

Have a great weekend folks.  I hope this template will be more user friendly!  mwah!

Oh!  And, Happy 50th Birthday Pete Grimes!


KB said...

Sorry your back is being hard to get along with. I definitely feel your pain!

Love the sock numbering idea. Don't tell the new guy, but . . . he might be a genius.

Colleen said...

You are right, it looked like you had gas..sorry you are having a bad back week. That just stinks.

When I first started reading I thought, dern she only lives a few miles away, we could have done something cool that bloggers do together (what ever that may be) and then I though, you sound like a JuJu stalker.

Is that my husband with the numbered socks???? Looks like something he would think of and do.

JuJu said...

Colleen, we are definitely going to have to get together!

mel said...

Yay! I can now once again comment at my leisure. You do spoil me, Juju.

I am so sorry to hear about your back pain. From what I hear, that is just the worst. Have you tried warm heat? They have those temporary warm heat things at the pharmacy. I used one once - very lovely and warming.

Speaking of warming, you are a kind soul, Ju, giving the package to the man who needed it.

I am sooo happy your blog is back to 'normal'.


sherri s. said...

Poor you...back pain, it sux, well and truly. My husband had a back spasm so severe we had to go to urgent care. Hope you're feeling better. I do love your drawings...

A blogger connection between you and Colleen! How fun!

Grandma K said...

My sympathy for your back. The Doc ordered a TENS unit for me - love it! It is the device that I considered desert after Physical Therapy. I am only supposed to use it 30 minutes at a time, but oh those 30 minutes. Wish we were closer - I would share.

I like you coming back to a simple template. Can't confuse the old woman too much!