Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I never used to be able to sleep that last night before the new school year began.  I would lie down with every intention of sleeping, but would lie awake all night wondering what the next day would hold.

I used to love the first day of school. 

I loved the new school supplies.  (Brand new crayons were, and still are the best!)  Even though, in my day, spiral notebooks weren’t as exciting as they are nowadays, it was still exciting to get all those sheets of clean paper.  I remember feeling so grown up when I finally switched from wide rule to college rule.

And, how about the lunch boxes?  I honestly don’t remember having one, but I’m sure I did.  I can guarantee I never took soup in my thermos, but the thermos was the coolest part of the box.  If I could have picked out my own, I would have gone for a Partridge Family one, I’m sure of it.  As it turned out, all I can remember is taking a brown lunch bag for my lunch.  (Bologna and mayo sandwich, chips and Suzy Q please!)

As I headed to junior high and high school, I became excited about the possibility of which boys would be in my classes.  I greatly anticipated the cute ones.  Well, I was in band and choir, which meant normally, not the cute boys.  By the end of the first day of school, after all seven periods, I was greatly disappointed by the semester’s boys from which I had to choose.  Sigh. 

It’s been an awful long time since my first day of school.  I’d like some new school clothes, some neat supplies and a nifty lunch box.  But, I’ve got a cute boy now, and I don’t honestly think I could pay attention to anything for seven periods.  My brain is full.

Happy New School Year to all who are attending!  Have a great year! 


KB said...

I totally remember my first lunchbox: a metal Little Orphan Annie one. My sister had Donny and Marie.

Colleen said...

I'm like you in that I don't remember having a lunch box but probably did have one. Unfortunatley it was probably one picked out by my mom and I suspect it was not a cool one!

Mom made lunches for 6 of us and they were yucky! A smear of peanut butter and then a glob of jelly in the middle, she never took time to spread it out which meant you had to make sure the pb side was down or the jelly would cascade out of the samich.

angie128 said...

I love school supplies too!

I had a Bedknobs and Broomsticks lunchbox. Metal with the little thermos inside.

And Ding Dongs. Wrapped in foil. That we used to make masks on our face.

Ane one time Todd Williams got tickled about something and purple kool aid came out his nose.

Good times.

Lap Dog Knits said...

I loved the new shoes, folders, backpacks....
and the relief when I saw a friendly face in a new school year.

Grandma K said...

In our area, I don't know that anyone ever used their thermos at all - especially for the intended use. If it were milk in it, is would invariably be warm by lunch time!

Even in the dark ages when I was in elementary, I took lunch boxes, but my brain doesn't allow me to remember what they were!!! I can't even remember my kids' lunch boxes!

sherri s. said...

OMG, our lunches were exactly the same! Only maybe not Ding Dongs, but rather Hostess Cupcakes (which I still adore--that "frosting" that comes off in one big piece!). I had a Holly Hobbie lunchbox but then took my brother's Land of the Giants when he got too cool for it. Ah, memories. I still have dreams about it being the first day of school...