Sunday, August 12, 2012

Such a Part of My Life

As the Olympics prepare to close tonight, I'm reminded of all the wonderful stories I've seen, not only this year, but all my life.

I think I was nine years old when I first remember watching the Olympics.  That would have been the 1972 Munich Olympics, and all the sadness that surrounded it.  But, one little girl was so much fun to watch.  I loved Olga Korbut.  I love looking at pictures of her with those off kiltered pigtails.  When I see those, I'm reminded how I would sit at the TV and watch all events.  Even though I was raised in a sporting household, this was something completely new to me.  These sports, these athletes and all the love of country was just so NEAT.

After Olga was Nadia and Mary Lou Retton, and their quest for perfection.  Bruce Jenner, BEFORE all the face lifts, made my heart go pitter pat.  I had never heard the word, "decathlon" before I watched him compete. I was able to watch ten different events,and yet they were all part of one event.  I wanted to be these athletes. (I just didn't want to do all the work.)

Sugar Ray Leonard, and all the Olympic boxers of 1976 introduced me to boxing.  I remember watching the boxing matches while on vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks.  It's one of the few TV programs that I can remember watching with my family.  There was Miracle on Ice and all those skaters.  The Olympics never failed to impress.

And now another Olympics has come and is getting ready to go.  I watch it with a different eye now.  I admire the athlete's commitment and dedication.  I feel for the parents as they watch their children compete.  I rejoice in the underdog and also find myself shaking my head in wonder at the favorites who don't fail.

We see all these people and countries come together for two weeks and it makes me hopeful that maybe one day we can all live together in peace and harmony. 

Mo Farah for world leader, anyone?

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angie128 said...

They did a story about Olga. Interviewed grown up Olga.

And yes, Nadia... wow.