Saturday, August 11, 2012

JuJu's Thoughts While At the Beach

Some of the things that went through my mind while relaxing at Folly Beach the last two days:

I love designs on swimsuits.  There are polka dots, stripes, swirls, flowers, peace signs, rainbows, bright colors, dark colors, skirts, shorts, skulls, and lady bugs.  Everything is happy in swimwear.

Dogs love the beach.  They also like to poop IN the water.  Why is that?

The beach is the only place I can sit outside, and be comfortable, in ninety degree heat. Yes, it's the breeze.

There is GREAT people watching at the beach.

Kids only know one pace on the beach:  running. 

Everyone loves to dig in the sand.

Beach towels are an artistic expression all their own.

I like seagulls and pelicans. 

Sir Steven likes to feed the seagulls.  He's not very popular when he does that.

My beach bag has a lot of useless crap in it. 

Reading at the beach is the BEST.

High tide can be a real pain in the keester.

Salt water up the nose burns.

Time goes by very slowly at the beach.

Storms are that much more exciting when they are over the ocean.

Even if I squint, I can't see England.  Hmph.


Colleen said...

I love to take Bear to Folly Beach in the mornings and we were there Thursday, maybe we saw some of you!! He was the crazy golden!

Hope you enjoyed your wonderful time at the beach, there is nothing like it!!!

sherri s. said...

That looks heavenly! We're having a mini heat wave here (I won't even say how hot it is--I heard San Diegans referred to as "weather wimps" the other day), but still! Waaahh! The ocean looks so nice--I'm too hot and bone idle (as my grandma would say) to drive 5 miles to the water! A cold cocktail is very do-able, however!