Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

I have really enjoyed all the back to school photos on Facebook today and over the past week.  There is just something so sweet about that brand new backpack and the new clothes.   These little kids will grow so much this year.  They will lose teeth and new teeth will grow back in their place.  They will acquire new skills thanks to a caring teacher.

And yet, I feel melancholy.

My back to schools are all over.  My kids are grown ups.  While they are still in school, there's no more "new backpacks."  School supplies are just over priced textbooks.  They have all their teeth, and hopefully, don't lose any during the year.

There will be no teacher conferences, music programs or field trips this year.  

I don't have to struggle trying to come up with creative lunch ideas, or to find ways to keep them motivated to do homework or study.

With Taylor having moved to Columbia, my communication with my children is now limited to short texts and an occasional phone call.  Oh, and I do get to have lunch with her weekly. 

I know this is what school is for, this is our aim, for our children to live their own lives.  I know that I'm lucky to have great kids who are moving up, out and gaining that independence.  

But today, I'm missing that back to school thing with my little ones.


mel said...

I am so with you on this and I still have this year, which I am going to lie in and relish like a pig in you know what! Lunches, teacher conferences, squabbles about homework - I plan to enjoy every moment. We don't know what we've got until we start to see it fade away - - i.e., college next year.

Enjoy your weekly lunches with Taylor, Ju. Every single moment.

angie128 said...

The passage of time is hard sometimes...

Roots and wings.

But it's still hard...

angie128 said...

PS - If you are still feeling melancholy, you can buy Coop some crayons. Or drive Jordan to volleyball practice.

C'mon over! I'll get you in the school spirit!!


sherri s. said... raised up your kids right and gave them the best gift ever. But this time of year makes me a bit melancholy, too, remembering how the change of seasons was so much more momentous when we were young. Go sniff some crayons--it will make you feel better!

Grandma K said...

The next step is going through it again with grandchildren!

It's not quite the same, but in a lot of ways it is!