Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Night Fun With The Ju

I like my men like I like my Publix Frozen Blueberries:

AND my strawberries...

I couldn't resist!

A very wise woman  suggested to me to do some coloring.  I have been whining about back to school, missing my kids, and all that jazz, and she thought some coloring would cure what ails me.  

So, yesterday after work, I stopped by Walgreens and bought some NEW crayons.  When I got home, Steven showed me what he had found earlier in the day:

Uh, NO Sir Steven.  These are not crayons.  They may SAY they are crayons, and obviously, they are multi-color, and there are 64 of them, but they are NOT crayons.

THESE are crayons:

While at Walgreens, I searched for a coloring book.  The only things they have out there these days are Disney Princesses, CARS, Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bog; none of which inspired me.  Luckily, my rat packedness had never thrown out this cute little puppy dog coloring book.

 Speaking of cute puppy dogs...

 Awww.  Rockett and her platypus.

I digress. 

I enjoyed my crayons any my coloring.  I felt very accomplished as I stayed within the lines.  I relished the feel of the brand new crayon touching that weird paper that's always in coloring books.  I loved finding my old friends Sepia, Cornflower Blue, Red Violet and Blue Violet. And, then I discovered this little gem:

And I felt just that way!

I highly recommend crayon therapy to everyone.  Let out that third grade artist who lives inside you!



mel said...

Oh, man.....I was gonna send you crayons for Christmas.....oh well.....and you are right, only crayola. Did you know there is a Crayola Crayon factory in Easton PA where I used to live (and, where Sandie went to college)? You can see how crayons are made and get some free ones. Seriously cool stuff.

angie128 said...

Love this post.

Steven had good intentions. But returned with fake crayons.

I wanna' come over and color with you. And eat blueberries.

Colleen said...

The not Crayola crayons just not should be even called crayons! I have always (since I was little which is many moons ago) wanted a box of 64 crayons. I even love the smell of them!

You don't get the cool coloring book paper but hubby says you can download coloring book pages...hours of fun!

sherri s. said...

Oh, yay, you DID color! I'm so glad. It's really fun, isn't it? I went through a spell of coloring myself--Dover has some fun coloring books. And the berry packages are too funny--glad Sir Steven lives up it!

And Rockett? She has made my head explode with cuteness. She and Tallulah Mae would make super-darling doggy bookends.

Colleen said...

The hubby was sitting next to me reading my blogs when I commented earlier (or was that yesterday). He said "I don't get it". Guys sometimes just don't understand!