Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Ramblings


This is the first week, in awhile, that I've worked all five days. So, tonight is an extra great Friday night!  Let's dive in, shall we?

My favorite breakfast treat is the Sonic Toaster Sandwich.  I get mine with no egg, as I do not care for that egg thing that fast food restaurants serve.  (what IS that???!)  I treat myself with this on the weekends, and oh, is it yummy.  Toast, cheese and bacon.  My three faves.

Toast.  Cheese.  Bacon.  Three things I'm going to have to avoid come Monday.  Yep, I'm hitting the diet trail.  Expect ranting blog posts. 

Taylor is living in Columbia full time now.  I am in denial.  If I think I about it, I might get sad, so I'm not thinking about it.  Empty Nest.

I would like a new cat to come adopt me to make up for the above named empty nest.

English Premier Soccer begins a new season tomorrow, and the folks on Bronwen Court are thrilled. (well, our house is.  Not so sure about the others...)

I never thought Bronson Pinchot was that funny.  Check that, I never thought he was funny.  Period.

On the other hand---Jim Gaffigan makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

Robert Pattinson gets some supreme height on his hair.  I'm impressed.

I don't care for cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but I do love them for a late night snack.

Another thing I won't be eating come Monday.  Sigh.

I just thought of something yummy I can continue eating:  Balsamic Vinegar.  That's some good stuff.

I like to sit on my couch on Friday nights. What do other people do?

I'm already tired of hearing/reading about the election.  Only three more months to go.  Whoopty Doo!

As  much as I enjoy vacationing, I'm tickled pink to have life back to normal.  Boring is good!!

Happy Weekend to all!


KB said...

I hang upside for a silly long time drying my hair and it still sticks to my scalp. What up with that, Robert Pattinson?

mel said...

Celebrate another Robert this weekend....your pal, Robert Redford.

Grandma K said...

Diet - what an ugly word!!

sherri s. said...

Jim Gaffigan: "Hot Pockets!" I pee myself EVERY time I hear him do that bit. I've heard it 10 times and I still laugh and laugh.

I'm here cheering you on in your quest to lose weight--I'm trying, too...and slooooooowly, I lose 2 OUNCES here, and an OUNCE there. Ack! I'll be 80 by the time I hit my goal weight.

Be sure to not exclude "good" fats (avocados, nuts)--they are satisfying and good for you. Thus endeth the diet advice from me (I'm a fine one to talk!). Go, JuJu, go!

Lap Dog Knits said...

it's monday...
what's on the menu?

lots of color on the plate..
lots of crunch...
lunch size plates...dinner plates are for "the men"

and the cooking channel...
tons of great stuff there to eat away guilt free...

the empty nest?? enjoy it..
they fly back home...

happy eating!!!