Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Randoms Mixed In With Photos of Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Happy Boxing Day! 

Taylor bought me some lovely wine glasses and painted them for me.  I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me.  No way will I drink wine out of them, they're keepsakes for a long long time.

Once again,  we work hard and fast to get Christmas organized and ready and BAM, it's over before we can say Noel.  I think I found this a tad bit discouraging this year.

Did you get a gift that you really don't like?  I did.  Of course, I can't tell you about it, in case that person should happen to read this post.  Let's just say that I found myself wondering what I'd done to annoy that gift giver.

Did anyone else eat way too much food the last few days?  Last night, I hit the wall.  I was carbed out.

Can you tell I woke up on the very wrong side of the bed this morning?

I went to see Lis Miserables yesterday.  I am a Les Mis addict and have been for years.  I was tentative about the movie, knowing full well it could never match the live play for emotions and quality.  I was wrong as wrong could be.  I was blown away.  BLOWN AWAY.

Speaking of addictions --- homemade party mix is like crack cocaine to me.  Good Lord, I can't have any of it in my house without eating it non stop. I find myself shoving the stuff in my mouth without even realizing it. 

 I bought my first pair of bifocals today.  Please don't tell anyone.  I have a reputation to uphold.  I am afraid to wear them, for fear of looking through the wrong part.  Of course, I bought the ones without lines, vanity reigns.  Can anyone offer advice?

I think that next year I'm going to find something to do other than wrap packages.  What a waste.

Yes, this is Rockett. I will treasure it forever.  Thanks Taylor. xxx



mel said...

I think that you will always be cool and hip. regardless of your age.

And I think that you should still wrap presents because it brings happiness to people.

And, yes, there's more, I am sending you some happiness, my JuJu.

sherri s. said...

The Rockett glass is too too cute! I had to get reading glasses last month, for the first time, ugh. I jinxed myself because I always have bragged that the eye doctor tells me that I'm soooooo near-sighted that I won't need reading glasses as soon as others might. Wrong. And I never have them in the room where I need them. Happy day after Boxing Day!

Lap Dog Knits said...

I agree...the glasses are too special but use them anyway..
she'll paint you more
soooo glad the holiday is behind us now.....
what's the plan for the new year????

Grandma K said...

Taylor did a beautiful job on the wine glasses. How special.

As for the bi-focals. The no lines are very easy to wear, I have had them for years and years!! And no one knows you are that old!