Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanks Andrea or Rebecca

I have had MANY bad fast food experiences in my life.  Be it forgotten condiments, wrong sandwiches, sweet tea instead of unsweet, I've had it all.  There was even a moment, years ago, that I had a bit of an altercation with a young lady working the Wendy's Drive Thru.  (another story for another day)

So, when I have a good experience, it's one for the record books.  Mark it on the calendar!!

Today was a good fast food day.

As I've pointed out, ad nauseum, I'm watching what I eat.  However, on the weekends, I might treat myself more than during the week.  Today's treat was in the form of an Arby's Classic Roast Beef Sandwich. 

I was greeted with a pleasant voice, and when she checked my order, I felt confident that I was going to get my meal, just as ordered.

This is important, because in our picky household, there's usually a screw up with the sauce on a sandwich, or the amount of sugar in the tea.  (NONE, please)  Well, Rebecca, or Andrea (not sure if she was my cashier or my host?) was awesome. She even reminded me about the Horsey Sauce and the Arby's sauce.  (crucial elements to a successful sandwich)   The order was correct, she was a happy human,  and I drove away with a smile on my face and blog fodder in my brain.

Thank you Goose Creek Arby's/Rebecca/Andrea.  Your competence made my food taste that much better.

And no, the chocolate shake wasn't mine.  :-)


mel said...

I truly don't expect a place named Goose Creek to have an Arby's....the name suggests a place more pristine than know?

New petition...Keep Goose Creek Pristine - No Fast Food!

Sign below....

Colleen said...

You should call and tell them what good service you got! That would mean so much to Andrea/Rebecca...

Mel..we need to get you to visit us down here and I wish you had a follow link on your blog! I loved it!!

sherri s. said...

It's so nice to get good service, isn't it? I go to a yogurt shop about once a week, and they give me a survey receipt every week (gets me 3 free oz. of yogurt!)--and the boys who work there are fab, so I always make sure I compliment them for a job well done!