Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If only resumes were one hundred dolllar bills...

We are hiring a new receptionist at our office and today I put an ad on Craig's List.

I always use Craig's List, mostly because it's so darn easy and free. I can do it all from the comfort of my chair and don't have to speak to a human being to get it going.

I put the notice on CL at 11:00 this morning.  By the time I left work, close to sixty resumes had been submitted.  As I write this, just over three hours later, there have been over one hundred resumes sent to me.

And now I have to go through these and find just the right person?


This is how I weed through them when there are this many:

1.  Misspelled word?  OUT
2.  Stupid email address?  OUT  (by the way, I can't get over the number of people who use the word, "sweetness" and "hot" in their email address)
3.  Experience as a bank teller or fast food worker?  IN
4.  Volunteer at the SPCA?  IN
5.  Names of past employees?  OUT

I'm sure there are more scientific methods, but this seems to have worked for me thus far. But, then comes the dreaded interview.  This has to be one of the least favorite parts of my job.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.  Yeah.  I'm going to take you on the hiring trip with me.  Buckle up baby, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

One hundred dollars, instead of one hundred resumes, multiplied by one hundred submissions?  I could have taken the rest of the week off!


mel said...

Me, me! Can I work for you?

Seriously. I just applied for a new job yesterday....Will post on bloggerdom by the weekend...

Me, me!

Willing to relocate!

Colleen said...

Pretty much my list too but I have to add in if they live in Summerville or Goose Creek. Who's going to be on time or drive down to Charleston for 8.00 an hour? At least I had an application to go with all mine last month and if they didn't finish filling it out...poof! I also had the people that wanted to work from 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday or wanted to make more than I do. Took 500 down to about 25 really fast!

I don't if you have ever tried a group interview? You get from 3 to 5 in the room at the same time, you can weed them out pretty quickly!

Hang in there! I survived and so will you...just keep wine in the house to medicate yourself each evening!

Grandma K said...

Don't envy you! I would hate to have to interview folks.

sherri s. said...

I could never do this...I don't have the personality to weed folks out--or maybe I have the personality to weed ALL of them out (I DO work from home, all by myself!).

Trust your very good instincts--you are obviously a "people person" by nature and will choose the perfect candidate!