Monday, December 24, 2012

Rockett's Christmas Present

My dog loves going for a walk more than anything.  She loves walks more than treats.  She loves walks more than she hates squirrels. 

So, for her Christmas present, we took her to the Wannamaker Trail.  Sir has been biking this trail for a few months, and when Matt was visiting, he ran it while Steven biked it.  But, up until today, neither Rockett, nor myself, had ventured anywhere near the Trail. 

You know I don't like to sweat.  Or exercise.  Or get up off the couch.

But, the spirit of Christmas means giving to those you love, right?  Or something like that?

So, we took Rockett on the Trail.  And, she loved it.  She smelled every leaf, every stick and every blade of grass shooting up through the leaves. 

I loved how this tree grew over and to the side.  It's the little tree that could.

I broke a bit of a sweat.

I was fine except for one bit --- we veered off the trail to get closer to the swamp.  Sir then warned me to be on the lookout for snakes and gators.  Yeah.  Right.  I DON'T DO SNAKES OR GATORS.

But, obviously, I made it out of there unscathed and unbitten.  Rockett had a ball and is now napping.  Oh, that sounds like an excellent plan. 

I hope this Christmas Eve finds you and yours enjoying each other.  Without gators, snakes or sweat.  And filled with love, food and naps.  


mel said...

A good time was had by all.

Sir looks like he too has become more fit...must be all that biking!

Happiest of holidays to all!

Lap Dog Knits said...

ok, now I feel guilt.....
I think about taking the dogs for a walk...
I know they would love going for a walk...
how 'bout you take them along next time???

Have a great holiday..lots of goodies...lots of love from family and friends...

blessings to you JuJu....