Sunday, February 17, 2013

Second Annual Tree Burning

Brrrr!  Is it cold where you are?

Last night, we attended a bonfire/tree burning party.  We didn't have an old Christmas tree to burn, but felt the need to take something to throw on the fire.

Cue a bit of history from the English husband.  He grew up with Guy Fawkes celebrations and the burning of effigies.  So, it made perfect sense to him to create a GUY for the Christmas tree burn.

While I napped and watched crap TV, Steven created  his GUY from old clothes, cardboard boxes, wood scraps, staples and anything else that  might be hanging around the house.  

And, what better for a head than an old deflated soccer ball?


Since GUY was wearing Sir's clothes, he ended up being a full size GUY.  He was so big and so rigid that we had to put the seats down in our car for his ride over to the party.

 (wouldn't you freak out if you woke up and saw this guy staring at you?)

The party was good fun, and I think GUY had a good time until his ultimate demise.  We even had a few snowflakes fall on us as we sat around the fire.  

While I thaw out, I thought you might enjoy GUY's moment of glory:

 Steven said he thought it was quite difficult to create a GUY, and totally understood why God rested on day seven.


Colleen said...

I shall remember this the next time we go to a bonfire (which oddly is a couple of times a year!).

You were braver than I was, we stayed home Saturday night and didn't attend the bonfire/oyster roast...It was too cold for me!

Lap Dog Knits said...

you have far too much fun!!!
and no,,,not cold here...
we are expecting a bit of rain..which means...well,
showers for 20 minutes...
I am certain I'm missing out on great stuff in life..
like bonfires...this weekend...
I'm building a bonfire..too many years to remember
and this week I need to eat at Arby's..
never done that either...

sherri s. said...

Too funny: "He's no fun, he fell right over!" Sir put a LOT of work into that! Repeated for the millionth time: y'all know how to have FUN!