Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ode to a Pussycat

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
Why must you keep me awake at night?

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
Why must the Mikki Spa open at 3 AM?
MUST you nibble your toenails while I try to sleep?
Why do you insist on doing this on my pillow as I attempt to slumber?

Lick.  Lick.  Lick.
That constant washing is making me CRAZY.
Just how clean must you make yourself?  

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
What is it about my pillow that is so appealing?  
Is it the fact that you can stick your claws into my head at all hours?
Is it the warmth of my head that delights you so?
Whatever it is, I do wish you could find it elsewhere.
I am becoming delirious from the mid-morning wake-ups.

Paw.  Paw.  Paw.
Your paw in my face, in my armpit, on my neck.
I walk around constantly looking as if I've been attacked by the hickey monster in the middle of the night.  
People will start to talk.

Pussycat, Oh Pussycat!
Why don't you move over to Sir's pillow?




mel said...

Pussy cat, pussy cat
I love you
Yes, Iiii do.....

Colleen said...

Now I have the pussycat song stuck in my head, no Tom Jones though oddly.

Grandma K said...

Another skill you have - poet! I am amazed.

sherri s. said...

I'm glad Tallulah Mae doesn't try to sit on my head at night! Actually, about the ONLY rule she has is that she has to sleep in her crate at night (which she loves). No dogs on the bed at night. While I'm tempted to break the rule when B. is traveling, we are good girls and do what we're supposed to.