Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poopy Day

wow, I don't like days like these.

if I were being graded, I think I would have received an F. flunked.


I don't think I solved one problem today and barely did anything constructive.

everyone around me had issues

my job is to solve those issues

today I couldn't do it

today, it feels like i take one step up and two steps back

and end up in the same place with the same problems, but magnified

hate these kinds of days

I'm just sitting there looking at my monitor and doing nothing

burn out?


a little of both maybe?

so glad I am sitting on my chair with this chilled out cat

tomorrow will be better. 


mel said...

In the back of your brain, I know your are mulling around solutions....and you don't even know it. tomorrow will definitely be better.

angie128 said...

Sorry your day was poopy.
Hope today is better and all the blah is gone.
Let's meet for lunch!
Chili's in Atlanta at noon.

Grandma K said...

Now you sound more like yourself. Things will get better! Hope you get out of this soon. Not fun.

sherri s. said...

Yuck, I hate days like that...they suck! Hope today is better.