Friday, February 15, 2013

A Trip to the Doctor

***WARNING***  If any of you who read this are dudes, this might make you a bit squeamish.  You've been warned!!!

How much do we all love going to our obgyn for our annual check up?  I know it excites me to no end.  I anticipate it for weeks beforehand!  (NOT)

Even though I loathe the appointment, I make sure to go yearly, as my mother died from cervical cancer.  I am determined to be proactive in my down there care.  So, I make sure I get myself in on an annual basis.

This year I had a bad result on my pap smear.  So, I went back again.  And I had another bad pap.  So, this week, I was lucky enough to have a colposcopy.  I've had one in the past, so I wasn't concerned.  I know this is what happens as we grow older. 

So, the procedure isn't really the main focus of the story.  It's what I found out DURING the procedure.  As the doctor was trying to get a good view of all things female, she told me she was having problems getting a clear sight of the thing.  She kept trying and finally told me that the reasons she was having problems is because I have such a LONG VAGINA.

I told her that just once, I wish I could have been noticed for my long legs (which I don't have) perky breasts (ha, I'm almost 50) or long golden locks.  (remember, I have a boy cut!)  No, my outstanding body part is my LONG VAGINA.

So, there you have it.

At least there's no graffiti on that thing.

Happy Friday!


mel said...

Maybe I can top that? Once I was having intestinal difficulties so the doc ordered an xray of my colon. This was before I became heavy. The xray technician said to me, "For a tiny little thing, you have the colon and intestines of a 250lb truck driver!"

No wonder I have never had a flat stomach....

Wouldn't it be cool if we could see our insides??

Colleen said...

My ob/gyn is a close friend of mine and there is no end to the topics we will discuss when she is checking my nether regions. I have never had her tell me I had a long vagina though!

sherri s. said...

Oh, I spit tea out when I read the graffiti line! When I still had it--gone and not missed--my uterus was "tipped" and they always made a comment about that!

Grandma K said...

Well - that's a very interesting body part. When you get on Medicare, you are only allowed to get a pap every two years!! I don't know if your medical history will change that, but I was a little amazed since I am a cancer survivor who swore I would never miss another annual test!