Saturday, February 19, 2011

The ABC's of Gongs, Birthdays and Exams

A is for appetizer.  Who doesn't love an appetizer?  Who doesn't love an appetizer that is accompanied by 7 pretty red dots?  Awesome.

B is for beer.  Steven doesn't eat any kind of food that would be considered ethnic.  So, he eats before we leave the house  (this night, double cheeseburger from McDonalds was the food of choice)  Thus, his only item ordered was beer.

C is for crab rangoon.    It could also be for the cream cheese in the crab rangoon.  Delish!  The waitress kept calling it a crab wonton.  Please don't confuse me.

D is for delicious. The food was so fresh and so tasty.  I think I could easily eat sushi on a daily basis.

E is for Edamame.  Now, call me a country gal, but I had never seen edamame inside the pod.  And, I had never seen them sucked out of the pod.  How interesting!

F is for friends and fun.  You can't really have one without the other. 

G is for gong.  Okay, you're going to have to trust me on this one.  You'll hear much more about this later.  I'm still hearing the noise in my head.  Note that it's all nice and pretty on the wall at this point.  As the evening wore on, the gong was removed from the wall numerous times (by the way, the price tag said $99.  Really?) and haphazardly replaced.  The mallet became a microphone, and a phallic symbol.

H is for head. This is really off topic, but I've got to say that I think my head is getting bigger and bigger.  I don't mean my ego, and I don't mean my brain is getting smarter, I mean my head is just getting bigger and bigger.  What is with that?  I'm starting to look like Jimmy Neutron or Tweety Bird.

I is for the inevitable banging of the gong.  As the night wore on, each important announcement was accompanied by the gong.  The happy birthday song had the happy birthday gong.  Each important speech was gonged.  But not like the Gong Show gonged.  Although, really, some of us should probably have been removed from the stage.

J is for JuJu.  The JuJu's big head barely fit at the table.

K is for Kelly.  And, Kelly was the birthday girl.  She was also the "just finished a week of really important exams toward her PhD" girl.  She was also the reason we were all gathered together and banging the gong.  Kelly has worked so hard, and it was nice to be out with her celebrating such a special time in her life.  (Please note the nipples on the cup!)

L is for the LOUD banging of the gong.  We had our own private dining room, but I'm pretty sure the entire restaurant enjoyed (?) the gong banging.

M is for the delicious chocolate martini I had to end the evening.  Dessert in a glass!  I felt especially honored that they drew an erotic picture with chocolate on my glass.  Please notice the big head and the claw-like hand holding said martini.

N is for the nipple on Kelly's bowl of drink.  (Refer to K for Kelly for photo)

O is for the obviously obligatory Oriental O entry. 

P is for the bottle of Pinot Noir that I enjoyed.  Burp.

Q is for how quiet it must have been when we all left.  And yes, we were the last ones to leave the restaurant.

R is for the rest I had today after drinking the Pinot Noir and the Chocolate Martini.  It is also for the rest required after carrying around this big head all the time.

S is for the Swedes. They were in attendance, and the Female Swede and I enjoyed the wine together.  Oh, and the xrated chocolate martini.  It is always sweet to hang with the Swedes.

T is for Toasts.  I do love when people give toasts.  Last night was no exception.  There were birthday toasts, PhD toasts, husband toasts, neighbor toasts, colleague toasts, big head toasts, and toasts to the gong.  Cheers!

U is for updated.  The restaurant is in a building that is an updated golf shop.  Luckily, there was no aroma of sweaty athletes to ruin the eating experience.  Prior to being a golf shop, it was a bank.  Unfortunately, no money was left behind.

V is for the valiant effort of the waitress.  The poor gal had to serve 14 people, all of whom wanted drinks, appetizers, sushi and entrees.  Sake!  Soy Sauce!  Forks!  She did all this on a sprained ankle, and her limp worsened as the night wore on.

W is for the weirdo who was hanging in the curtains.

X is for the excellent (come on, give me some leeway here!) time had by all.  It also applies to the people, the food, and the restaurant.  

Y is for my favorite thing, the YumYum Platter.  The name is indicative of the dish.  The dish makes me say the name of the dish.  This dish doesn't mind my big head.

And finally, Z is for Zen Asian Fusion, the name of the restaurant where all the toasting, singing, gonging, laughing, celebrating, eating and drinking took place.  A-Z, it was a FANTASTIC evening.


mel said...

I SWEAR you should have a newspaper column!

Loved this one and laughed out loud many times.

H - is for all the Happiness that JuJu brings to me.

E - is for wishing you would blog Every day

A - is for the JuJu Attitude that I so admire

D - is for Delightful you!

And you do NOT have a big head!

angie128 said...

W is for Wow.

G is for Great post.

F is for Funny JuJu.

JuJu said...

I must give credit where credit is due. I read the headline of PW's recent post about her brother and it inspired me on this one.

Man, I could go for a yumyum platter.

sherri s. said...

You're soooo clever, Miss JuJu! Cracking me up with your Big Head comments (it's not big--you should see my husband's!! Ginormous. Size of a dirigible, really; he's sensitive about it, so shhhh, don't tell ANYONE!). Yumyumyumyum platter!

word: incuse

No excuse/incuse/upcuse/recuse: go clean your room, young lady!

Anonymous said...

Your grandmother,Evelyn Catherine McNeil Jamieson was Swedish. No wonder you love Swedes! Do you like gingersnaps as well?

Love, Auntie K

Anonymous said...

The Swedish name was Rosene. I should have named a daughter either Amanda or Christine for the Rosene side. My daughter is happy I chose another feminine name for her. She has a birthday feb 27th! Yikes!
Hugs, Auntie K

Lissa said...

A perfect party recapped by the perfect JuJu. Good job. And that chocolate martini does look as good as the yum yum platter if you ask me. HMMM. When's the next party?