Friday, February 4, 2011

Camera Crisis

Okay, crisis might be a bit strong.

We went to a party last weekend, and I took some lovely photos.  And, then I looked for my camera the next day, and couldn't find it.  It wasn't in my purse where it always is.  I had forgotten it at the party.  It will probably be another week before I get it back, and I'm going crazy.

For one thing, it has an entire blog on it!  I will forget what happened before I get those pictures loaded on here.  So, in an effort to tell that story before I forget, I've made up my own pictures.

Our friends, Mike and Kim, bought a new home recently.  So, last weekend, they hosted their monthly supper club and combined it with a housewarming party.  They invited the soccer group to join them.  Their home is just marvelous!  It's out at Isle of Palms, just a couple blocks from the ocean.  It's so pretty, elegant, classy, and yet homey.  Everywhere I looked was pleasing to my eye.  Their toilet seats went down automatically!  The men didn't have to remember to put the seat down.  Is that awesome or what?

To give you an idea, of how wonderful their home is, I give you this:

You know that one of my favorite parts of a party is the food.  Kim is the smartest woman on the planet. She ordered in food from Whole Foods.  They have the most awesome stuffed mushrooms, tenderloin, crab cakes, etc etc. There were also little pretty desserts, broccoli casserole and bread pudding.  I brought a bit of Goose Creek and had a dip in a mini crock pot.  An ugly crock pot ruins the prettiest of displays.  (but at least the dip was tasty!)

I hope you get from my drawing that she had some great serving platters.

As with any party, the best part, and what really makes it fun is the people.  It was great to hang out with all our friends in the beautiful home with the wonderful food.  And, if I hadn't left my camera there, you would have a much better idea of how nice it was. 

I hope I don't run into Brad Pitt or George Clooney this weekend.  I don't think my drawings would capture their true beauty...

Who am I kidding?  I'll gladly run into them. 


SPT said...

ju, i love you to pieces!

mel said...

I am so very, very thankful you are in my life.

You are the one and only JuJuBee.

sherri s. said...

This is fabulous...please draw George Clooney for us, pretty please? Too funny!

word (WTF?): eukmatew

Is that a 'mater or a hybrid eukmatew plant? (Lame!)

angie128 said...

You made me laugh - and I love love love your little drawings.

I also love CrockPots. The world would be a better place if everyone would just embrace the CrockPot.

Pete said...

I love this post, you should lose your camera more frequently.

unclebro said...

you never mentioned the "morning after sink"?