Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Newest Project

I listen to the Rosie O'Donnell talk show daily, and recently she was talking about being on the show, "Who Do You Think You Are?"  The show traces a famous person's roots, and shows the steps along the way.  I had never watched the show before, but plan to make it a weekly must see.  (Here's the link to the show's website)

I was so intrigued by all that Rosie found on her journey, so, being a marketing person's dream, I immediately signed on to Ancestry.com to take a look around.  I started my family tree, and began adding people to my tree.  At this point, Ancestry tells me I can have a free two week trial period, and after that I must pay for this information.  So, right now, I'm madly trying to peruse records to get as much information, as humanly possible, in this two week time period.

I think I'm addicted.  I'm a genealogy addict.  I'm addicted to genes.

Last night, I searched the site for hours.  Steven would speak to me and I didn't hear a word.  House Hunters was on, but I have no idea if they chose house #1, #2 or #3.  I didn't even drink the nice glass of red wine that I had poured as a treat for enduring a difficult Monday.  I was dialed in on my ancestors.

Now, I'm only on day 3 of my quest, but already, I've discovered that one of my grandfather's was a "lubricator" for Buick.  I found my other grandfather's border crossing papers circa 1924. This is the page containing his information--

And this next part shows Grandpa (Robert Jamieson), his mom, Jean, my great aunt Peg (Margaret) and my great uncle Syd.  Now, I'm just getting started and I'm finding this.  I'm psyched!!  Grandpa is originally from Scotland, and my maternal grandmother is from Poland, so there's a whole world of stuff out there to find!

Now, the real question--how in the world am I going to get this done in two weeks?  And, if  I don't get it done, am I going to fork up the bucks?

Who am I kidding.


mel said...

So cool!

And I am very happy I have a cousin who is currently doing all this research for our family, i.e., not me! I get the info without the effort - yippee for me.

Maybe you can get it all done over the weekend, Ju?

Any relatives still in England that you can go visit??

mel said...

Why did I say England?

Shades of Steven....

I meant Europe....the continent!

sherri s. said...

It's fascinating, isn't it? A whole new world. I have an LDS uncle who has done our side of the family back forever and ever...he's obsessed, of course, has visited cemeteries and little towns to check records, etc. (which sounds pretty fun, to me!). Now he and my aunt do genealogy for other people. If you really get into it, check into using the Latter-Day Saints' resources. They're the masters!

P.S. Thanks for the kind words about my owls...they were so fun to make! I'd be happy to make your mum-in-law one/some...

word: issouette

The ballerina did a pirouette and landed on her issouette. (boo...)

angie128 said...

Well that's cool.

Maybe you will find out that we are related...

PS - Your "cup" comment totally cracked me up. My title was related to "balls". The end.

Robin said...

I got addicted to Ancestry, too. Definitely milked that 2 weeks! I did sort of hit a wall though. But then I got a leaf, AND someone got in touch with me out of the blue. She has a painting by my grandfather, who was also her grandfather. She's a second cousin, whatever the hell that is. Ha. And, she has pics of my brother and mother from the early 60s. So....I called her, and then she called back and we talked. And then she sort of disappeared. So, I guess, be prepared to meet new family!

SPT said...

My brother got into this for a while. I don't think he found anyone new but he found out stuff about great grandparents and cousins. Very cool stuff.

I am amazed that you can find all of this out online.