Friday, February 25, 2011

Day One

Greetings from Charlotte!

I come to you from room 518 of the Hampton Inn - University Place. We are winding up day one of the Charlotte road trip, wherein we watch four baseball games between the Missouri Tigers (yay!) and the UNC-Charlotte 49ers. 

As you all know, my brother, Tim, is the baseball coach at MU, and we like to follow him and support the Tigers.   On this trip, we've brought along some Taylor and her boyfriend, Damon.

I consider myself good with directions, but I was off my game today. But, we eventually found the stadium and enjoyed a nice afternoon of baseball.

I do enjoy sitting out in the sunshine, especially after such a long, cold, wet winter.  So many of the college kids were there in shorts and flip flops.  You could tell that everyone was so happy to get some outdoor time.  Unfortunately, the Tigers ended up on the short end of the score today.

One of my favorite things about college campuses is the beautiful buildings.  This is what I could see down the third base line:

After the games, we always meet up with Tim and have some dinner.  I try to make conversation.  Tim is thinking ahead to the next game.  Steven is reminding me that I talk too much.  I make everyone take pictures.  Notice my very humidity in the morning/wind in the afternoon affected hair:

So, now we're back at the hotel, and resting up for day two.  We will start the day at an English pub, watching ManU play Wigan at 10:00.  Then, we have a baseball doubleheader.  And, after that, who knows what craziness will happen??!!

Might it involve a lovely bottle of wine and some plastic cups?

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mel said...

You look great, Ju! Did you lighten your hair? Such a nice pic of you and your brother.

Taylor's boyfriend looks so wholesome, like the Beaver.

No warm weather here yet - maybe in a couple of weeks.