Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake

Jake turns 24 today.  Happy Birthday to the greatest son on the planet.  He is a good kid.  (man)

Jake, I'm sorry for whatever this is I put in your bottle.  And, I'm sorry you had to look at that hair.  Whew.


mel said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!!

Wow, you were young, Ju.

Is your hair naturally curly or did you have a perm?

Where was this picture taken? It looks like Main Street, USA.

mel said...

PS - not to be too personal, but I always love how a baby's hands seem to go naturally for a mama's breasts...

JuJu said...

Oh, this is Middleburg, Virginia in 1988! My hair was SO permed. And, yes, I was sooooooooo young!

sherri s. said...

How sweet! Happy birthday, Jake! I know you're cool and that's in part because of your cool mom, yes?

word: bokedli

I didn't order bokedli, I ordered broccoli!!!

Mary said...

I love this!