Friday, February 11, 2011

Bentley Beauty

(in the continuing saga of my missing camera, I'm forced to tell a tale from the year 2003)

Growing up, football was basically my entire life.  My dad was a coach, so our whole lives revolved around the sport.  I met many famous folks through the years, and that was a really cool part of it.  I think I probably took it for granted a little bit?

Now that I'm a grown up (well, in age only) football is still basically my entire life.  But, now it's English football, or what we here in the USA call it, soccer.  Steven loves Manchester United, and because I love Steven, I now love them as well.

We took a trip to England in 2003, and were fortunate enough to get to attend a Man United game at Old Trafford.  (their stadium)  It was such a wonderful experience.  We had free seats given to us from a friend of ours who played soccer with Steven while studying here in the states.  It was such a thrill to see these players I had watched for years on TV.  Watching the game IN England was indescribable.

And, at that time ladies, DAVID BECKHAM was on the team.  So, I was lucky enough to see him play in person.  And, let me tell you, he looked good, even from far away.

(Yes, that's him going into the locker room at half time.   This was the uber blonde phase)

It was a thrill to see them run, play and score.  That day, Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored a hat trick, and the Red Devils won 3-0.  I loved hearing the chanting and singing of the fans.  It was an experience I will never forget.

Nor will I ever forget what happened after the game.  
We were walking back to our car with our friend Richard and his little brother Ollie.   I think Ollie was about 12 at the time?  Ollie and I were walking together, and Steven and Richard were in front of us.  Ollie casually says to us, "there's David Beckham in his Bentley."  The key word was CASUALLY.

Luckily, I live with a man who always has a camera ready to go.  (thank you for these pics dear!)  So, he snapped a photo of the Bentley and the Beckham.  As you can see, he is stopped to speak to someone, presumably a fan.  I doubt he can do that anymore,anywhere on earth.  But, on this day, in Manchester, England, he could.  Let me tell you, that was the culmination of a perfect day for this American gal.

(Honest, if you squint, you can see him through the glass)

So, eight years later, I'm still thrilled to think I saw him play and was within 50 feet of the man.  Now, if only he'd been modeling his skivvies.....


sherri s. said...

Your camera is still missing? I'd feel as if my arm had been cut off! Nice Becks story...I adore him--until he speaks! I just like to look at him and imagine Colin Firth's voice instead (though I'd certainly take Mr. Darcy as company ANY old day, let there be no doubt!).

word: fliberds (WTF)

Fliberds and biberds and bibbety boo! I put a spell of love on you!

SPT said...

Ju-ey! You are so damn adorable. I just wanna hug my laptop with you on the screen. Love the photo of you! And Beckham, hell, he's not bad either.

JuJu said...

Sherri, I get my camera back today. I feel a plethora of pictures coming on...

I do love me some Colin Firth. Did you see "A Single Man" with him? Very good. Very retro.

mel said...

You lead such a wonderful life, Ju!

I loved that soccer movie for girls where they were always trying to 'bend it like beckham'. Lena and I watched that a lot when she was young and playing soccer. I hope he and his wife have a daughter this time.

But back to you. I want to be YOU! At the very least I want to you give a class on 'living large'.

Livin' la vida Ju-ju!