Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Two, Games Three and Four Miscellany

The day started with English Breakfast and Man U.

I had weird dreams last night.

Bases Loaded + No Outs = No Runs = Unhappy Brother.

Doubleheader with Game Two of Doubleheader going into EXTRA innings.

That is a lot of baseball.

First sunburn of the season.

Fresh air makes me tired.

Stressing for brother makes me tired.

What doesn't make me tired?

Finally, a victory in extra innings.

Hot in the sun, cold in the shade.

VERY clean bathrooms at the ballpark.  huh?

Dumb joke telling at dinner.

Why does someone have to lose?

Not a lot of parking at the UNC-Charlotte facility.

Chapped Lips.

Supportive parents travel weekly to see their kids play ball.

Lost kid in hotel hall yelling for her MOMMY. 

Margarita at dinner.

Feels good to be in bed.

One more game tomorrow.

Always makes me feel sad to leave.

Go Tigers.


mel said...

It touches my heart that you go to these games for your brother's team. I think I would want to cry if a team that my brother coached lost.

I hate chapped lips. Burts Bees has some good tasting stuff.

Watch out for those sunburns - sunscreen, girl!

JuJu said...

Mel, I feel like it's up to me and my other brother to support Tim and his team. My dad always did that for him, and I think Tim really misses having him there to lean on.

It's so hard to see them lose. I watch him, these boys who play for him, their parents. Ugh.

sherri s. said...

That winning/losing stuff is why I don't really go for sports...someone is always disappointed, yes? Doesn't matter so much when it's the pros, but yes, young people losing is hard to watch. Just like me, watching the Oscars last night--I SOOO wanted John Hawkes to win for Winter's Bone...awesome performance. You are a very nice sister!

word: tonatee

Tonatees are just really really huge manatees...they weigh tons!

angie128 said...

Good grief - it's Tuesday and I'm just now catching up on this. But wow - what fun. And how cool to go watch your brother. And I hope HE AND YOU come close ot MEMPHIS one day. The end.