Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blogger Stress

I truly enjoy blogging.  Most times, something will happen during my day that I want to share, dissect, vent, relive, etc.    My hope is to blog at least four times a week, with five being the ultimate in disciplined. 

Either I'm having a dull couple weeks, or I'm not feeling motivated.  I think it's a bit of both?  I'm not coming up with many good ideas and I'm boring myself as I write.

This lethargy has invaded  a few areas of my life.  I think the only thing I accomplished this weekend was cleaning two toilets.  Barely.  Well, I did make a salad, a dip and visited with friends and family.  I guess that counts for something, eh?

Okay, maybe I accomplished a few things, maybe it's that I'm overwhelmed by all there is to do?  The furniture is dusty.  Taylor's room needs to be reorganized.  All the rooms need to be painted. I should be going through drawers and emptying all the junk.   And on and on and on.  I know we all have these lists.  Why do they never get shorter?  Finish one thing and another needs attention.  There's always something or someone that needs attention.  Ack!

In addition to all that kind of stuff, I have to remember to be a good wife, mom, sister, friend, boss and woman.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm not very good at doing all this stuff.  My multi-tasking is multi-sucking.  Maybe spending the weekend accomplishing nothing will regenerate my batteries?

At least I got a blog post out of it all.  Here's to a blog-post-filled, get a lot of things done week for all of us.


miscellane-ash said...

you are too adorbs & i love you & look forward to your blogs! that being said, they come when they a fellow writer of what i think "fun or exciting or ventable or blah blah" i feel you. hey, life happens...take before & afters of taylor's room...i'll be entertained :) big smooch!!

miscellane-ash said...

ooh ooh...i wanna see the junk in your drawers! seriously, like an "i spy" to see if we have the same sillies that may or may not need saving (in a drawer...ha)!!

sherri s. said...

I hear you, sister! The boring to-do lists never go away. And if you're a hoarder/packrat like me, they are especially endless. I just spent several hours going through craft books, trying to make them all fit on one shelf. And they don't, even though I got rid of about a dozen of them. Le sigh.

word: empand0

I have an expando empando-style dress on right now. Bring on the popcorn!

angie128 said...

I totally get it.

Colleen said...

I feel exactly the same. I feel few inspiring meals and have so many things I should be doing around here like cleaning the inside of the kitchen cabinets or painting the living room. To be honest none of it needs to actually be done, it just feels like it should.

Grandma K said...

All those things on the list are the reason for a good old do little weekend!! You need it. I hope your batteries were re-charged!