Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

Did we all have a nice long weekend?  It was awfully difficult to drag my butt out of bed this morning and head into the office.  I sure enjoyed all my sleeping I did this weekend.

We went out to lunch yesterday.  There was a really cute toddler girl sitting in a high chair at the table next to us.  She was wearing a cute little poncho, had pigtails (my favorite) and her nails were painted.  She ate from the time we sat down until the time they left. At one point, she was licking the cup that contained her Ranch dressing.  I told the mother how much I enjoyed watching her, you know, I was complimenting her child, and she kind of blew me off.   Even Steven thought she was being rude.  I was having so much fun until then.  But mom's ugliness was a turn off.

We bought a new toaster oven yesterday.  It's more complicated than the space shuttle. 

Oh!  We've booked a trip to Seattle in April.  I am thrilled!  I'm still finalizing details, but for now, we have a cottage booked and will be taking the train to Vancouver for a three day stay.  I also understand I'll be doing some kind of ceremony for my friend, Mel, to put some ghosts to rest.  I look forward to seeing the West Coast (haven't been there!), seeing the Pacific Ocean and trying some local wines.  If any of you have been there, please tell me what to see and what not to see!

I think I need to watch Downton Abbey.  I'm hearing some great things about it.

We went to a new bar Saturday night.  It's actually right across the street from Taylor's apartment.  It was AWFUL.  The staff was very nice, but the crowd was young and loud.  I felt like an old fart.  I don't like feeling like an old fart. 

I read a horrible book last week.  Well, I listened to it.  I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did.  It was about three sisters.  Maybe because I don't have a sister, I just didn't get it?  Nah.  It was crap.

Remember the joy of reading the "Little House" books for the first time?  I always wanted to be Laura.  I never cared for the TV series, but I sure did like reading those books. 

I hate spending money on:  sunglasses, insurance, bras and sheets.  How crazy is that?  Because I really like my eyes, my life, my boobs and sleeping comfortably.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


mel said...

You make me chuckle.

Yes, you will be doing a ceremony. I will send details as we get closer to launch. i am framing it in my mind.

I expect you will LOVE Seattle.

angie128 said...

I am curious about Downtown Abbey too.

The Seattle trip sounds fun. Except for the ghost part.

Colleen said...

This is the second year we have watched Downton Abbey and it is fabulous! You really do need to watch it.

I have trouble buying the same things as you but add pantyhose to that list.

I try to compliment the parents with the well behaved children that come in shopping as they are such a rarity. Most parents let their kids run wild playing with and breaking the merchandise and ruining everyone elses shopping and working experience. Some kids (or more likely the parents) need a smack on the bottom.

Grandma K said...

I envy your trip to Seattle - mostly the train trip, but then that's me!!

That mother really disappoints me. Having someone compliment your child is a great thing. You just never know with some people!