Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi There Saturday!

Man, I love the weekends. 

No bras.
No alarms.
No makeup.
No having to be "on" and thinking.
No pressure. 
No check writing (unless for fun!), no decision making and no darn work.

Doing something fun.
Doing nothing.
Not reading.
Hanging out with friends.
Forgetting about the stress of the week that was and the week to come.

Rainy Saturday sleep ins.
Sunny Saturday afternoons.
The Gilmore Girls
Crap Movie Sunday
Catching up on DVR'd shows for the week
Taking a second to appreciate all the good things in my life.

Better prepared food.
More naps
Watching English Premier League Soccer
Planning trips
Hearing the wind chimes ring

Yeah, weekends are the BEST.  Hope yours is!


c said...

Boy I hate the weekends
Wear a bra
The alarm clock
Being ON
I guess the trade off is the two days off I have during the week...

mel said...

Our posts were on the same track, Ju!

Wishing you a lazy Sunday!

Darla said...

The only time I go without a bra is when the pj's are on!! Gravity and weight are not kind to my body. :)

I could use a nap right now

I really liked this blog

Enjoy the rest of a "do whatever" weekend!

sherri s. said...

Sounds lovely...husband is away so I was rather lazy. Got some stuff done, but not nearly enough! I did watch two fab old movies: Double Indemnity (for the umpteetnth time) and Valley of the Dolls, which I'd never seen all the way through before.

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