Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan Jan Big Fat Pan

Today is the last day I get to work with my buddy Jan. 

After thirteen years, she’s had enough and is moving on to greener pastures; mommydom.  Well, she’s already a mommy, but now she’s doing that hardest of jobs, staying at home with the little princesses.

Jan and I have never worked in the same office, as we live in two different cities.  Our friendship was born and blossomed via emails and occasional work gatherings.  She has become one of my very best friends and while I’m terribly happy for her, I’m wondering just how I’m going to do this day in and day out, without her.

You see, we’ve been through a few things together.  Things like.....

Employees with Monday-itis
Co workers with aliases
Co workers with checkered pasts
Mass Exodus of employees
My first DAVE concert (Lover Lay Down!)
Hearing about the 20 or so that followed
Birth (twice)
Thirteen years of hirings, firings and everything in between
My Empty Nest
Guilty Mother Syndrome
Gas, Heartburn, and bodily function stories.  Daily.
What’s for lunch?
Marriage and all that goes with it
Real Housewives Recaps
Any Deposits Today?
Elastic waists versus any other kind
Short Men with Clunky Heels playing the guitar with Dave
That made me laugh out loud
Rose-isms, Grace-isms, Taylor
Men and all their.....loveliness
Seeing someone we admire elected as President
Animals are better than humans

    I am sure we will remain friends always, but our friendship will change.  That’s just a fact. And that’s okay.  Knowing that she is happy makes it all okay.

  For thirteen years, I’ve started and ended my day with an email to Jan, and today is my last day to do that.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go make some more memories.

Cheers Jan!  Be Happy!


KB said...

Work friends are like family. I know you'll miss her, but think of the fun lunch dates to come.

Grandma K said...

Unfortunately, not working together does change things. Happened to me and my friend. Still sad.

But you did have a good experience. That's worth it. Wow, some of the things you shared!

Jan, David, Rose and Grace said...

Love you, Judi! Reading that was so much fun. So many good memories.

mel said...

Some of the really good ones you get to keep - like Sandie and me. I hope you get to 'keep' Jan.

sherri s. said...

How sweet! Work friends sometimes get more of an earful than others, don't they? I went through the heartache of infertility (not mine) and in vitro with a work friend--and I was the second person, after her husband of course, to hear the thrilling news that she was having twins! We're still in touch, though we live in different cities now.

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Grestenc might be the capital of Grestencia...I was absent that day.