Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kicking it Up a Notch

You know how I've thrown/tossed water at the guy on the off ramp?  Well, I have a cool new idea that is helping me to take it to a new level.

My friend, Mary, sent me a link with an idea for a thing called a "blessing bag."  I think it's a great idea.  It's such an easy thing to make and took me very little time.  Granted, I didn't have a party, or invite small children over to teach important lessons, but I did make my own bag. 

And, granted, I've been calling it a Hobo Bag, and that's really not right.

But, tonight when I was at Target buying some frivolous crap for myself, I detoured to the travel aisle and bought a few things for someone who needs them. I thought about this man for a few minutes and I hope that maybe I sent him some good energy.   Here's my bag:

I'm especially happy that I remembered to include the sunscreen.  And the wipes.  And the deodorant.  And the toothbrush/paste.  Oh heck,all of it. 

I am hoping I have the discipline to do these monthly. (because it's not the money issue, it's the remembering, the shopping and the doing)   Do you have any suggestions on items to include? 

I hope I don't bop him in the head with this thing when I toss it at him. 


miscellane-ash said...

i am in love with this idea...great link, mary! & ju, you not only thought about it, but you did it! awesomeness...don't aim for the face! haha...smooch, sweet lady!

mel said...

There is a story about Albert Sweitzer. He was traveling by train to get an award for all of his humanitarian work. When he got to his destination a huge crowd was waiting to honor him. As Albert stepped off the train, he saw an elderly woman struggling to get on the train with a lot of bags. He ignored the crowd waiting for him and went to the woman to help her. Only after he finished helping her did he turn to the welcoming committee. A person in the welcoming committee commented, "He is a sermon walking'.

These bags and your efforts, Ju...You are a sermon walking.

angie128 said...

Well, that's just awesome.

Maybe a pair of socks or some gloves? Target has those little stretchy ones for $1-2.

That's just some good JuJu-ness right there.

Grandma K said...

What a terrific idea. But then, you are such a caring person. I am going to share this idea - especially with my church women's group I finally got rolling! We are looking for things to do. Our Pastor wants the church to be out in the community. This would be a great thing!

Thanks for the wonderful idea!

sherri s. said...

That's so awesome! I can't tell you how many homeless folks there are here. Some truly are homeless, some seem to be not homeless but asking for money...it's so sad. When I remember, I carry little baggies of dog food or treats for those with dogs by their side.

Human kindness is in short supply these days...but not from you, Miss JuJu! Yay.

word: angorsed

I'm angorsed about the lack of human kindness in the world today.

Darla said...

My daughter, Rebecca, and I have the idea to buy a bunch of compact umbrella to keep in the car. How many times do I see people waiting for public transportation, or Mom's walking down the street with little kids, and it starts to rain!! How dreadful that would be.

You have a great idea, Ju! I think I will start collecting umbrellas to help people stay dry...thanks!!

Mary said...

So glad you got it. Have you seen him again yet? I saw a guy the other day that I see occasionally and wished I'd had one of these with me. And then he screamed at me and flipped me the bird so I changed my mind. Then thought again that maybe he could REALLY use one of these bags.

Love you Ju, and all you Ju-ju-ness.