Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grocery Store Fashion and Other Randoms

Have you ever purchased clothes from the grocery store?    Well, I can add another notch to my belt.  I was in the BiLo today (NOT one of our nicer stores) and I spied something that looked really comfy.  I bought the two piece velour set.  In black.  Extra beautiful.   $19.99

And now I'm sitting here in my grocery store loungewear.  Can't touch this.

I saw my hobo friend yesterday.  (I wish I had a better name for him.  He's the guy who sits on the off ramp?)  Anyway, I'm so glad to see him.  That means the last time I tossed/threw the water at him, I didn't hit him and hurt him. I gave him another water, without injury, and he blessed me.  Thanks Mr. Hobo.

It's been colder here in Goose Creek this week (oh, that rhymed!) than it was in the mountains over New Years.

One of my bestest buddies at work resigned her position yesterday.  We've worked together for thirteen years, and we email constantly throughout the day, and have shared every major life event together.    I am so happy for her, and so sad for me.  So so sad for me.  I'm in the midst of a big pity party as we speak.

I really like Patron Tequila Margaritas.

I'm very excited about Project Runway Allstars.  Team Mondo.

In my head, I'm already planning my next vacation.  I just need my bank account to catch up.  Where should we go?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are splitsville.  Huh.

Oh!  Beauty and the Beast in 3D is coming out next week.  I LOVE THAT MOVIE.  I think it's one of my all time faves.  I want Mrs. Potts to be my mom.

Since I'm having a pity party, I'm going out for sushi tomorrow night.  Since Steven doesn't like sushi, this means we will go to one restaurant where he can eat something he likes, pay and then go to my place for sushi.  Folks, that's what we call C O M P R O M I S E.

I'm glad to report that my Christmas decorations are down and put away.  (thanks to Steven)  It came and went like a whirleybird this year.

Me and my grocery store clothes wish you a happy weekend!  Velour rules!


Grandma K said...

The grocery store clothes are cute! I'll bet they are comfortable. If I had them, they would be far too hot right now (again - as usual since it is in the high 70's)

Loved the inclusion of the Patron margarita comment!

It is difficult to have a work friend leave. Kinda leaves a hole.

Enjoy your dinner out - I would be with your hubby! Have a great weekend,

sherri s. said...

You are sooo funny! I did once buy a skirt at the drugstore--why not? I recorded Project Runway so don't know yet who was first kicked off. I do love me some Mondo (but Austin is pretty darn fab, too). Mondo wuz robbed on his season. Speaking of--what about Lisa being ANTM winner--yuck!!! Allison should have won... I was knitting fingerless mitts, my go-to last-minute gift--and yes, they were "Christmas" gifts, a wee bit late!

word: khtio

Is Khtio a new singer, or is it some sort of Afghani delicacy?

Darla said...

I have bought no-show socks at Publix, but that is the extent of our clothing line.

Just so happy that television is getting back to normal...what a sad statement that makes about me! But, there it is none the less.

Going out for Indian Indian!

One of my kitties stayed out all night last night. I never sleep well when that happens. Luckily, the temp did not get down past 45, and he was at the door first thing. Starved of course.

I bought a new lamp for my bedside table at Target, and a new welcome mat. I love Target!

angie128 said...

Cozy suit.

I discovered they are now selling baby beds at my grocery store. I really don't get that.