Monday, January 30, 2012

JuJu's Questions for God

Steven and I were driving home yesterday when we saw a billboard with the words, "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?"

 This began a discussion on just what would we ask.  I had to explain to Steven the Atheist that asking if he actually exists was out of the question, since if you're asking him a question, he probably exists.  He gave in on that one and said he'd probably ask why bad things happen to people.  My major question would be about life after death.  I figure both are questions are pretty standard; ask most people and these will pop up frequently as big questions to ask God.

Over the course of the evening, I thought up quite a few more.  Granted they're not very deep or thought provoking, but they are questions that need asked.  Are you ready?

Why does the watery stuff always come out of the squeeze mustard when you've built the perfect sandwich?

Why doesn't Donald Trump give up the comb-over?

What was Burger King thinking when they got rid of the Cheesy Tater Tots?

Why is the Heath Bar now one big bar, when before it was always in two pieces?

Why does that bad toe cramp always flare up in the middle of the night?

Why do boys think the Three Stooges are funny?

Why must politicians be so full of baloney and hot air?

Why don't dogs recognize when they toot?

Why can't chocolate cake, french fries and cheese be good for you?

Are people who are allergic to nuts allergic to coconut?

Why in the world were bras and panty hose invented?

Where have all the flowers gone?

Is it "vim and vigor" or "vim and vinegar?"

Why do I always find my missing sunglasses with my rear end?

Yeah, we could go on for days.    What would you ask?  (serious and non!)


KB said...

buck naked or butt naked?

Colleen said...

I like yours but my question would be
How do you hear everyone at the same time? There must be millions asking for something, thanking for something or making a deal with God at the same time. Isn't it all rather noisy up there?

sherri s. said...

So many questions! We need answers!

word: brednuck

I ain't no redneck! I'm a brednuck (family of bakers living in a holler in Kentucky [I'm from there so I can make holler jokes!]).

Darla said...

When people are passing from this life to yours, do they really see you?

Why are some people just down and out cruel? And why could we not help them?

Was there ever a skinny me? :)

Thank you for the wonderful life you have blessed me with! (not a question, but needs to be said anyway)

Why do some of Judi's blogs bring me to tears (like this one)?