Sunday, October 7, 2012

46 Days

One of the (many) reasons I'm fat is because I LOVE pasta. I love noodles and a nice fattening cream sauce.  Don't give me any of that healthy red sauce, I like mine creamy and rich.  Sir and I would have cheese filled raviolis with Alfredo sauce at least once a week.  It was a staple in our diet.

I started dieting August 21, and up until last night, hadn't had any pasta of any kind.  That is 46 days without pasta.  FORTY SIX DAYS.

A couple weeks ago, Sir offered to make dinner for me to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  He makes a dish called, "Angry Pasta."  I don't know why the Angry is in the name, it makes me anything but.

So, for the past week, I've been so excited to have Mike, Tracy and Taylor over for dinner, and to eat the PASTA that I had been living without for FORTY SIX DAYS.

One of the reasons I love Pasta so much is because it goes so well with my other favorite food:  BREAD.  Bread is another thing I've been avoiding of late.  And, of course, if you're eating Italian, you must have an antipasto plate.  So, we have pasta, bread, salami, prosciutto, olives, mozzarella cheese and lots of garlic.

Did I mention the wine?  Wine also goes well with pasta, bread, antipasto, friends and family.

I don't have any idea why I've developed this new weird smile.

Can you see the red table in the background?  Sir painted that for me and I love love love it.  It's been an icky brown color for years and I love the pop of color it provides the otherwise black and white room.  Thanks Dear!

The only other thing needed to make it a perfect evening?  What goes well with pasta, bread, wine, friends and family?

Why, presents of course!


Colleen said...

I love the new red hair!

Oh pasta, how I love thee!!

Great pictures and that meal looks absolutely delicious!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

sherri s. said...

Happy happy, Miss JuJu! You look fab, by the way--your hair is super cute, and your efforts in the dietary change department are paying off, I think. Good for you! I just came back from a road trip in Texas--fried food and ice cream. And pie. Um, yeah...

mel said...

OMG! You have lost SO much weight! You look mahvelous, dahling!

Grandma K said...

LOVE the art glass.

You have inspired me to (again) give up the carbs. I have been allowing myself to do too many. I am spoiling myself! Gotta stop

angie128 said...

I want some of that pasta right now. Yum.

And, you are a cutie.