Monday, October 29, 2012

Trees and Wine

We went painting again. 

This time, it was Sir, myself, Taylor and three of my work buddies.

This time, it was on a Friday night.

This time, I Designed while I Wined.

And, this time, I don't really like my picture all that much. 

It's not that I don't  like it, I just got carried away with swirls and dots.  I love me some swirls and dots.

These things are so much fun.  Everyone is having a good time.  Most people are drinking wine.

Some drink more wine than others...

I love seeing everyone concentrate so hard on their paintings.  And, I think we never get over that desire to get a good grade, so we try to do our best and get that elusive "A+." 

After a couple hours and a bottle of wine, all of a sudden, you have a work of art.  Amazing!  And, as any real artist would do, you sign your creation.  Meggan is giving hers to her baby boy.  I love her signature:

I introduce you to Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Klee,  Picasso and Salvador Dali:

Yes, I had to ask SS for help with the names.


Darla said...

Cork and canvas is really popular here. I am not brave enough, nor drunk enough to venture there!! My artistic ability would fit on the head of a pin. I like your swirls and dots!!

But most of all, you have fun. :)

sherri s. said...

Fun fun! And Miss JuJu, you look fab--your "lifestyle change" ("diet") is really paying off! And Taylor's hair is too too cute! You and your family = so cute! (Not that Sir Steven would like to be referred to as "cute," but ya know!).

Also: hope the storm didn't have too much of an impact on your or your family or friends.

Lap Dog Knits said...

looks like my kinda fun!!!!

I can't paint but I can drink and watch everyone else - love the hair!!

storm??? hope all is well with your loved ones!!

Grandma K said...

Good job! I see an artist career ahead (lol)

mel said...

I love those paintings!