Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Jake and Taylor

Yesterday, as I was driving to Columbia, I started thinking about the things we say to and try to teach our children over the course of their lives.  I wonder how much they actually retain?

With the idea that there are so many distractions in this world, I’m going to write a few of them down.  It makes me feel better as a mom.  Please add to the list in your comments.

Dear Jake and Taylor:

If there is an RSVP on an invitation, be kind enough to respond.
Be kind to, and listen to the elderly.  They have much to share.
Write thank you notes.
Remember birthdays.
Say please and thank you.
Read.  Read.  Read.
Listen to music whenever possible.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
Say, “I love you,” as often as possible.
Don’t say it unless you mean it.
Honor your commitments.
Be a good sport.
Use coasters!
The toilet paper goes OVER not under.
Adopt your pets from the local shelter.
I will always love you. 
You always have a home with me.
You are never alone.
When you do travel, send a postcard to yourself.
Love deeply.
Spend a lot of time laughing.
Carve pumpkins.
Spend time with your family.
Get to know your cousins.
Share the wealth.
When you move to a new town, the first thing to find is a good butcher.  (Grandma Rosie’s advice)
Be kind to others. 
Be kind to yourself.
Don’t judge a person on race, color or creed. 
Stand up for your beliefs.
Call your mother.



KB said...

It's so funny that you did this for your chidren. I've been making a mental list to do the same thing for mine in an upcoming post.

I think my best addition is "Never inconvenience someone else for your own comfort." That means if you don't get over in the right lane soon enough on the interstate, you go up to the next exit and turn around. Don't you dare cut off people in traffic because you were careless.

Colleen said...

What a great list!

What a great thing to do on that boring drive to Columbia! What did you do on the way home?

sherri s. said...

Oh, this is so sweet! What a great mom you are! I love it--and I think I'LL take some of these to heart myself!

I'd add, "Don't be afraid to fail"--I wish someone had told me that when I was young; I stopped myself from doing things I wanted to do because I was afraid I'd fail.

Lap Dog Knits said...

dream big....

what a great it..