Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Am I and What Have I Done With Me?

I am definitely going through a change of life.

Not THE change of life, but things have certainly changed in my life lately. 

I may be having hot flashes like my body is changing, but I think I've been having those for close to twenty years now.

Little things keep changing around me. I'm not one who is fond of change.  I like my routines and they like me.

For example:  I've had a chunk of blonde in my hair since 2000.  But, just this past week, I decided to cover it up.  My hair is now one color.  No blonde to be seen anywhere.  I'm 100% violet red.

I changed cars.

I've been dieting for awhile and haven't eaten fast food, potato chips, or any of that other good stuff since I've been doing it.  (I personally think this might be making me insane, thus the other changes that have been taking place?)

I had made a permanent dent on our sofa from sitting in "my spot" for so many years.  I now have a brand spanking new recliner, and my "spot" is in  completely different part of the room.

I'm drinking water.

My naps are getting shorter on the weekends.  I DO NOT LIKE THIS CHANGE.

I've been going out on Sundays.

I am very frightened by this alien who is taking me over.  I sure hope he likes Crime TV, because I am NOT giving that up.

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sherri s. said...

I hate change too...but some of it is good, right? I can no longer nap successfully (or sleep at night, actually)--my husband passes out in 2 minutes and I lie there. Ugh.