Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bike Adventures

I have not had much luck when it comes to bike riding.

When I was little and on my tricycle, the neighbor lady backed up into me.  My mom watched it all from the kitchen window.  Obviously, not too much damage was done. 

When I was about twelve, I had ridden my bike to D&H Drugstore.  I remember I bought these yellow barrettes for my hair.  On my way back, I went to make  left hand turn into my neighborhood.  As I turned, a car came over the hill, hit me,and knocked me off my bike.  Again, I was fine, but for a bruised thigh and some serious fright.  I'm sure the man that hit me was more shook up than I was.

I had plenty of falls and scrapes and cuts, but the worst thing that happened was when I was six.  Back then, bikes had fenders.  I was sitting on the fender and my foot got caught in the bicycle spoke.  I don't remember who was driving the bike,and luckily, I don't remember the pain.  But, I do remember exactly where it happened, and Mr. Rahn coming out and carrying me back to my house.

I remember the smell of the medicine they put on my ankle. 

I remember sitting in the doctor's office wondering if I was in trouble.  (always a guilt complex)

I remember missing three weeks of first grade. (Bonus!)

And, even if I wanted to forget, I have a lovely reminder on the inside of my ankle.  It's actually a burn from the rubber of the tire.  It is still sensitive to touch, and I'm sure that ankle is weaker than the right one.   I could have been a great model if not for that scar.  And the fact that I'm 5'3. Oh, and maybe the fluffiness is holding me back.....

So, for me to go out and ride a bike again feels like a huge accomplishment.  Granted, I'm not riding on roads, going to the drugstore, or riding double on someone else's bike.  And, I'm probably too old for yellow barrettes anyway. 

But, oh, I hope I don't find out how it feels to fall at forty-nine.


angie128 said...

You missed THREE WEEKS of school? That must have been some kind of boo boo.

Grandma K said...

I DO hope you are riding in a safe area now! Just the thought of you not being in a good area scares me - a lot!

sherri s. said...

We are so alike...I wiped out on my bike on gravel and was afraid to go home because I knew my bloody knees and elbows (what? how did that happen?) would freak my mom out and THEN she would be mad. And it did, and she was...

mel said...


I am so very impressed that you are back on a bike, and I know that Sir will help to keep you safe. But, given your you wear a helmet??