Monday, June 28, 2010

And Now She's an Adult?

Yes, Taylor turned 18 yesterday.  Happy Birthday Darling Daughter!!  Let's review the weekend with a few birthday pictures sprinkled in there!

Pro:  World Cup Soccer all weekend.
Con:  England and USA are both out.  HUH??

Pro:  World Cup Party on Saturday, complete with two Swedish twins (boys, one year), four cats, friends, NO COSTUMES, and the JuJu won $55 for first goal scored.
Con:  England and USA are both  out.  (can you feel my pain?)

Pro:  Taylor is now an adult.
Con:  Taylor is now an adult.

Pro:  Taylor's dad's girlfriend made a very cool shark cake for Taylor's bday.  (Seriously, it was tres cool!  The teeth were made from gummy bottles!!) 
Con:  That cake went right to my hips.

Let's look at another shot of that cake:

Pro:  I bought Taylor the greatest birthday card, it had all this mushy stuff about how I would always be there for her, and I was so proud that she was an independent woman.  Perfect for 18, right?
Con:  I overlooked the part that said, "now that you have your own child."  Uh, HOW did I miss that line?  Gee-ma-nitely.

Pro:  Going to dinner with my daughter, her ex-boyfriend/best friend  (same person), Steven, my ex husband, his girlfriend, and it all being perfectly natural and normal. 
Con:  No cons.

Pro:  Both my kids are adults now.  I'm off the hook, right?
Con:  Yeah, I'm lying to myself a bit.

Pro:  Taylor's greatest desire for her 18th was to get a tattoo.  She's been thinking on and planning this for a long while now.  She decided she wanted a jellyfish.  So, she gets an artist to create a jellyfish, and he puts it on her thigh.    Justin is there and texts me the play by play.  (Let's just say she didn't take well to the pain.) Almost three hours later, she's sweated through her clothes, and destroyed Justin's hand, but, it's gorgeous.  She goes back in a month for the color.
Con:  Nope, can't think of any.  I'm proud of her for planning it and living through it. 

Are you ready for it?  Are you ready to meet the JellyFish Extrordinaire????  Well, here you go---don't let him sting ya!


SPT said...

Oh my god, ju. That is an absolute work of art! The pain, though. Oh the pain!

angie128 said...

Great post. Loved it. Except for the tattoo part. Cause I almost fainted.

mel said...

I am with angie. I almost fainted just imagining it.

T doesn't have a child and we don't want her to have a child yet, but clearly she has the pain tolerance to give birth...