Sunday, June 13, 2010

When Worlds Collide and Come Together

The World Cup Party, 2010, was a huge success!!  Just to rewind and remind, all party attendees pulled the name of a country out of a hat.  We were to represent said country through costumes.  I pulled Holland and Steven pulled New Zealand.  Please note that the Queen of England still reigns over New Zealand, and thus his outfit. 

His dress is TJ Maxx, the purse is from his mother.  Knee-hi's are courtesy of Publix.  Me?  Tutu from Etsy, clogs from Dutch Time, and hand designed windmill hat.  Don't be jealous!!

And, as glorious as we look, there were so many lovely representatives.  Below, find Brazil, Greece and Italy.

Also in attendance were Denmark and Slovenia.  (Slovenia is the "youngest" country in the tournament...)

Brothers (?) from Down Under.

It was like the United Nations.  Well, sorta.

There was plenty of national pride to be seen around the place.

There were no vuvuzelas being blown, but there was plenty of singing, shouting, taunting, chanting and cheering.  And, it's probably a good thing for the party that the game ended in a draw.  You never know what will happen when all those countries get together.

Our generous hosts provided a wonderful home and delicious Mexican food, thanks Gene and Pam!!  I shudder to think what their house looked like this morning. 

After the game, the countries merged (people swapping costumes)  Here you have the new country of France meets Ghana.

And, some countries cooled themselves in the pool. 

Some countries did things that no one could understand.

It was a great day, and a reminder to us all that football really is a Beautiful Game!

And, most of the folks there were beautiful as well!

Uhhhhhhhh, MOST of them.  :-)


angie128 said...

You are a cutie.

And, speaking of cutie, who's the real, live soccer player in the pool?

sherri s. said...

OK, you need to put up a warning before posts like this: I almost spewed my coffee because I was enjoying everyone's costumes so immensely! So. Funny. Love yours...if there was a contest, I hope you won it!

Word: gostr

Go gut a Gop-Gart in the gostr (that's someone talking with their mouth full of Capn' Crunch).

SPT said...

Oh Ju Ju Be, I just love you.

mel said...

That's what I want to know. Who is the pool boy hottie?

That's where I'm headed....woa, mama!

Robin said...

OMG, that was so funny. the orange tutu!!!!! Steven as the Queen Mother - the best. Loved the white glove and the arm all perpendicular holding the purse. Looks like a really fun group o' folks!