Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Talk

Well, I sure had a great trip to Arizona.  I have the two best kids ever, and it was pure joy to be with both of them.  Enjoy the pix as I throw some random thoughts your way!

There was a therapy dog on our plane.  That sucker rode in First Class!!!  He was so well behaved.  He's probably better behaved than most humans. 

Young children seem to be extra loud in airports.  Why is that? 

I had a dream that Steven asked me to marry him; only he was John Travolta.  Huh?

I am SO upset.  They moved Grey's Anatomy reruns to 1:00 in the afternoon.  Helloooooooo, how am I supposed to get my three hours in on a daily basis?

World Cup starts Friday.  I believe we'll be glued to the TV for the next month.  (Come on England!)

I'm being accused of being a traitor since I'm pulling for England over the USA.  Listen kids, I am totally engrossed in English football, and have been for eleven years.  Wayne Rooney is on my stove.  I surely want the US to do well, but my <3 is with England.

My costume for the World Cup Party (Saturday) is almost complete.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to attach a windmill to a hat....

I finally saw, "The Blind Side."  I think he folded the sheets.  My aunt thought he didn't.  She didn't think Sandra Bullock was all that.  I did.  But, that's okay.  We're allowed to disagree. 

What time can I go to bed?  That 3 hour time difference kicked my behind.

Jake is an amazing kid.  If I'm ever on, "Who wants to be a millionaire," and I get the phone a friend option, I'm calling him.  He knows a lot of stuff.

Henry Winkler is on Law & Order: SVU right now.  The Fonz as a normal person?  Just doesn't work with me.

Oh, I used to love Happy Days.  I had a big crush on Potsy.  Ick.

Worst Actor Ever?  Ice T

I love butter.

Taylor turns 18 in 19 days.  She is calling this her "three week birthday weeks."

Happy June 8th!  If my folks were still alive, it would be their 57th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  (sort of?)

Here's to a good week for all of us!


Cath said...


Cath said...

I think Steven favors Vin Diesel in the pics!

sherri s. said...

Such an attractive family! I think we might all look like trolls next to your group...

Word: ouckcat

My ouckcat wanted to come in while my inckcat wanted to go out.

sherri s. said...

OK, just had to share...my word on another blog was "poostie." I won't even go there...but I can come up with some sentences using THAT word, can't you?


I'm gessessn y'all might want some supper, m'right?

SPT said...

Two thoughts:

1) Of course he folded the sheets. Who else would have folded the sheets? It never occurred to me that it wasn't him. What's your aunt's theory?

2) Children are extra loud in airports strictly to annoy adults. No other reason.

Brandy said...

Looks & sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Arizona. Great pix. Wow...Jake is even more handsome than when I saw him last. And we know Miss T is a looker! Way to go, Mom. :-)

Have yet to see "The Blind Side". Am I the only one?

I love butter, too. Just ask my thighs.

mel said...

I think the alternative explanation is that he never used the sheets. That never occurred to me. Hm

LOVE the family pic, Ju. Livin' large, babe.