Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Randoms, or, I'm too lazy to put together paragraphs

WOW, what a crappy day. 

Let's jump right to the good stuff!!

We went to the Three Lions Pub Friday to watch the stinky PU England game.  It was AWFUL.  Here's hoping they do better Wednesday.  If they don't win, they're done, and it will be a somber house on Bronwen Court.  If they win, they advance, and we're all smiles.  (same for the USA, so we're pulling for BOTH!!)

I had a dream last night that Taylor had a big tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on her stomach.  It was quite glittery.  Her 18th birthday is Sunday, and she's getting the jellyfish tattoo.  I hope it's as pretty as that one in my dream.

The Furry Affair was held Saturday night, Steven's pic sold for $300.  I personally think it would have gone for much more if it had been displayed with a bit more thought, but what do I know?    They had the most scrumptious little dessert thingy there; it was a dark chocolate cup with a raspberry mousse filling.  Yummmm.

It's that time of year when he have thunderstorms every afternoon.  I love it!

I've listened to, or watched every single game of the World Cup thus far.  Yes, soccer on the radio is fun!

Seinfeld re-runs are still better than most shows on TV.

Three albums that remind me of 9th grade:  Heat Wave, Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life,and Grease.  Just a tad bit random there.

OH MY GOSH.  I just saw a commercial for Dairy Queen.  The Blizzard is celebrating its 25th birthday.  Wow, I feel old.  I wonder if the Blizzard does as well.

The fleas are overtaking our animals and the house.  It's so hard to keep five animals de-flead.   Itch Itch Itch.  Scratch Scratch Scratch.  Any suggestions??  The Frontline aint cutting it.  BTW, be sure to spay and neuter your pets!!

Stay cool, blogging world.  It's the first day of summer! 


angie128 said...

The cap picture is worth way more than $300.

I went to DQ last night after church. Coop got a blizzard.

I love Seinfeld.

Hate to tell you this, but we haven't watched much World Cup. The tooting horn things make me twitch.

sherri s. said...

I concur with Angie...those horn thingies drive me nuts (though I did watch Denmark and Cameroon mix it up in a restaurant on Saturday--that is, I was in the restaurant and they were not). I hate fleas with a deep and abiding passion...they (and roaches) are the only insects I kill (I put spiders and flies outside, and we don't have skeeters here...)

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