Thursday, June 3, 2010

loooooooow self esteem/whew bad hair day

all letters will be in lower case today, i think it reflects the proper mood.
i'm feeling ugly today. 
i am sure my hair looks like this today:

my hair is way overgrown, it needs color desperately, and oh, it is big.  if i were using capital letters, i would have written the word big in all caps.  because it is big.

and yet, by the end of the day, after all the humidity and sweat, i end up looking like granny wrinkles from real housewives of new jersey.

by the way, how nuts is that danielle?  gee-ma-nittley.

must stay away from mirrors today.  must find hat.  must find muu-muu.  must cut hair.  (it's planned for tuesday, hooray)

wish i looked like her



SPT said...

ewwww.... ju, bad hair day or not, she cannot hold a candle to you. she looks like a hunk of plastic. you couldn't pay me to hug her.

Cath said...

Who the hell is she and why does she thin she looks so good? Ju I love how you look. I love looking at your pictures. I love how warmth and fun spill out of pictures of you and make me smile.

Cath said...

think not thin

sherri s. said...

Bad hair month over here: first, I've decided, after 30 years, to stop coloring my hair. Yep, hello grays...I might add in some pink like you! In order to grow it out, I'll have to cut it shorter, so I'm letting my short bangs grow out so I don't have a Buster Brown haircut. Finally, I had a basal cell carcinoma excised from just inside my hairline...and they had to shave some hair. I"special" at the moment!

Word: botie "shake your botie"

mel said...

All I know is that cat picture made me bust out laughing!

Ju, even on what you think are your bad days, you are a God-given joy to the rest of us.

Darla said...

Oh, Judi, I have been having lower case days more frequently than I would like! Although my hair is way too short to have it "too big", I know the "ugly" feeling.

BTW, I like Dina, too. Danielle is a scank and female thug!

Judging by the others' comments, you are one loved lady whether you like yourself that day, or not! <3