Friday, June 25, 2010

Wine & Cheese

Last night, I attended another wine tasting at Avondale Wine and Cheese.    For $5, I tasted five different wines.  Granted, it was basically, sips, but each sip was "mahvelous dahling."  It gave me the chance to try wines I wouldn't have normally tried. 

It gave me the chance to taste a Rose without feeling like I was drinking White Zinfandel again.

It gave me the chance to eat some yummy cheeses that were paired with the wines. 

It gave me the chance to meet some interesting new folks, and enjoy the wine and cheese with them.

It gave me the chance to see the biggest block of Parmesan Cheese that I've ever seen.  Holy Cheese Chunk!!

More soccer this weekend.  Come on England!!  Come on USA!!!

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sherri s. said...

Cheese-o-rama! I'm unable to comment much this week because I'm away with my husband, without a computer, and he has some nerve wanting to use his own computer! I'm missing all my blog time! Ack!

word: unketr

My unketr and auntktr are coming to supper. (lame! I'm under husband is boring holes in the back of my head!)